Tuesday, October 23, 2012


What are you fighting for?
A future?
The void unknown to man
A pride?
Your reflection
A gamble?
A worthless investment

Reverse your sight
All these time spent
All these scars and bruises
All the irreversible sands

Albeit this darkness
Standing wearily I believe
The dreams of eternal bliss
A lantern
The lantern of hope
I draw my will
I will fight

Then till now
Both of you are against your backs
Curled up and cornered
Yet,exit is a blink away
An irrational situation

What are you fighting for?

Monday, October 22, 2012


-Louis Untermeyer-

OUT of the night that covers me,

  Black as the Pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
  For my unconquerable soul. 
In the fell clutch of circumstance         
  I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
  My head is bloody, but unbowed. 
Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
  Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years 
  Finds, and shall find, me unafraid. 
It matters not how strait the gate, 
  How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate:  
  I am the captain of my soul.

      A very stirring poem, the depiction of the ideal fighter. How hard life may hit you , how condemned you are, how shunned you are. Stand tall, unfazed, shoulders squared, determined. It is yourself who'll walk yourself to the light someday, and the judgment shall be passed on yourself. Never let the world dilute you in all its seeming wonders.

      No, I'm not that. I'm frail, weak. Those are what people may see me as. But I'm not. These words are just whispers from the lost and helpless - Me. Allah help me be strong. Amin.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kick In The Balls

I already see a pattern in my health. You see the most vital day in a week is Wednesday, there will  be the insanely most soporific yet tiresome exam ever - SAT Practice Tests, and there will be the 2 most crucial subjects in my syllabus that to me seems that of a far fetched hope to score - Maths and Reading. Sue me being a left-hander making numbers not my forte'. But thanks to the people upstairs, I have a prominent talent in designs and arts (but seriously I don't see any correlation between arts and Biology. Why did I take Biotech in the first place? Syuk you need to do some serious thinking - then again... I'm just too much of a lazy bum to do so. To hell with it.

Back to the topic, ah! Health pattern. I get sick always. Now I'm accompanied with a stuffed nose, migraine and fatigue. Somebody donate a bed to me please. I'd like some sleep. Please. Adios.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


          I unprivated my blog, I don't know is it because of the migraine disturbing my senses or is it just I'm starting to not give much thought about my family finding out about my life out of home. Which I think they will find out one day, so if anyone from my family stumble upon this blog, you can be judgmental. I've made my peace with the People Upstairs regarding my life away from home.

         Headaches are a pain in the ass, not to forget my sinus.Once I get my migraine, productivity goes down the drain. I hate the fact I'm typing a blog post instead of studying my Pre-Calculus. I can't seem to make peace with numbers, I don't know why. Instead I find myself at home with words and the keyboard. Spilling words on paper is like therapy. Well not as satisfactory as crying in the middle of the night during Tahajjud, but close enough (at least I get my writing assignments done).

       I finished reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower.
      Have you ever read a book that got you mesmerized and thinking "I could relate myself to him"? It isn't a sad book of a melancholic and pathetic tone, no, it's a book of a casual style,more like a diary. But its his experiences that I myself could connect and understand with is what made me have those mushy mood swings. I witnessed firsthand the stuff he went through. It's all in the process of growing up, I can't blame the fact I can't socialize that well to anyone, perhaps I was wired to be pedagog - to talk only when to talk, and to talk words of benefit.

      But I guess I realized that too late, I don't know who i really am. An actor who is in the middle of a performance, yet lost his train of thought on his act. Just like Rango.

Who am I?

      Searching for the meaning of myself is imperative in helping to deduce myself in order to see clearer in my plans of the future. But I'm afraid my hopes of tracing back my footsteps to recollect bits of who I really was looks pretty dim. My life started at 13, by that time I was already shipped into the hostel. And haen't found someone who really has a full picture of me. Even my parents don't (I think). Well mostly because of my own fault that I find myself to be so reserved and stingy in terms of sharing and revealing myself. So I always end up cursing in the wind or just simply weep the pain away. Charlie'll understand (If he's real).

      I did a lengthy essay on Types Of Friends, I poured my heart out. No one can read that except the lecturer. It's just too painful. I ended up whimpering to Her, and like a mother, she coaxed me to sleep. So much for being strong Syukri. I realized what a messed up person I am in terms of socializing and motivating. Surprisingly, those things still haven't proved that deleterious to me. But it made me rethink of my easiest solution - Blend in like a chameleon - but with a price that I'll forget who I am in the first place.
The Joker is a genius

       Ustaz told us to do a presentation of one name of Allah, I think I'll take As- Sami' , The Listening. Based on the reasons that He can hear my silent screams and quiet thoughts. Alhamdulillah for lighting my path up until now. Alhamdulillah for listening to my incessant pleas and complaints. 

       Lets hope I don't tear up during my presentation tomorrow, talking about As Sami' brings up bitter memories that I kept away from everyone. No one is a good listener to me, maybe I am that low in their eyes,or perhaps I am simply boring. I don't know, You tell me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Is a brain drain overpowering my capabilities? Or is it just the lack of rest. The vision of me stranded here gives me the bland motivation to push myself to my utmost limit. Yes, I am a lazy bum.

1 month left from the SATs and I still haven't bumped up my marks that were satisfactory to me. I feel like cursing to myself for my laziness and procrastinating habits. Failure, it's a toll I must pay for all the slacking. Failing my Pre-calculus is simply heart-wrecking enough. Needless to say about my other tests. I don't want to flunk,but the odds of achieving an extravagant grade is just a too far-fetched dream. Just like my objective to rebuild my muscle tones. Hopeless.

Maybe all the sins I did came back to me with a smash. The Other Half said to me once that smartness and glory can just be taken away by Allah, in a snap. *snap* , and its gone, just like that. Syuk you're an overconfident loud and arrogant bastard. Heh, self insultation, the only solution for a cocky brain (since I am too much of an ignorant to even give a f*&k about what people say to me). 

I don't believe in Karma, but I do believe that all the stuff you did will kick you back in the ass. But what if you already made your peace with the People Upstairs? I mean, can amendments really stop the hang sentence? I guess more thought has to be given in this.

Studying and diligent just doesn't fit in with my style.Same goes to smart and brilliant. But what the hell, no pain no gain, and absolutely nothing to lose by trying. 

Insya-Allah I'll try to fix some flaws here and there. for the best of myself, for my future, my family,both of us dan sewaktu dengannya. 

If you're reading this, I'm fine okay? Just releasing stress. Oh I went to Sunway and went ice-skating. awesome. though it blew a huge dent in my wallet. Now I'm trying my best to save my financial status from the verge of bankruptcy (padahal ada je Mama nak hulur duit).

Mama almost got to know who my girlfriend is, thank God no one ratted me out.

Okay I'm sleepy. Adios 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fish Part 2

  When this fish arrived in the new pond which is presently called The Ocean or is shortnamed as INTEC. He wasn't alone, but he still felt alone, in a new place, the whole reef and its population around him are still unknown to him. Well following his instincts, he walked around, trying to get acquainted with some of the new fishes there. Trying hard to fill his void of loneliness in his small yet bottomless heart.

  "Syuk, bagak ramai kawan kau! Macam semua orang kenal kau!" Well that statement set me aback. Because all this time, aku ni taklah berapa ramai kawan, hanya sebilangan sahaja. Ya, kebanyakan dari mereka kenal aku but they just scraped the surface of me. They haven't got through life alongside me, and if they did, maybe some of them will hate me by now. Yes, it is true, people tend to think I'm easy going and friendly through the early stages of a friendship. But trust me, some will bail out when they see the worst of me, only the ones that stayed with me through thick and thin are the ones that i deem as real friends.

  Truth to be told, I am socially passive, I dont reminisce that much with friends, I just live in the moment, I do occasionally text the old-schoolmate-I-once-went-with but not too often.

  Yes, I am picky, I am judgmental, I am not a good person, I am just a human being. Despite what people say about me, my darker side always tend to dissolve the positive impression i give to people.

1000 kindness done, yet no one realizes nor appreciates it, 1 bad deed, and everyone will be ranting about you.

But I don't care, If they hate the people doing bad things, they'll either live long enough to see themselves doing it or being punished by the people upstairs for hating a person. I mean I am trying to change for the better for my family, friends and special people(Lokman, Shaf, Dikna, Jayjay, Hakim and some other unmentionables) who always make my life seem that less lonely.

So now I'm just this boring person with a bad personality and bad table manners(HAHAHA) in aplace where everyone just seem better than me.

Well it got me thinking why Allah chose this place for me, but I'm sure I'll find out one day, As always, I'll find out and by that time, I'll be in tears thanking You. 


Just got the Fall Semester's class schedule.
Dang its a relaxed syllabus,
But then although ADFP sounds all relaxing and shiz,
trust me
90 above is considered as an A
So chances of going to Ivy League = 12748716748x8y to 1
Whoa! saying Probability like a boss,
Replacing numbers with alphabets and stuff.
I still wonder why some people love Calculus
It makes my head wanna go KABOOM
And then my whole brain will be spattered across the exam papers.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UKM Animal Care Lab Lepak

After Subuh, Ayah knocked on the door asking if I would go out for breakfast with him. I said yes and found myself WhatsApp-ing over a glass of Teh-O-Ais-Limau while waiting for ayah to complete his 3 round jog around the park nearby. We had a hearty breakfast and I thought of following Ayah to work because he had some new mice coming in today which needed attending to in the evening.

After a few DotA games, Ayah was already ready, we drove to UKM and proceeded to the Animal Care Laboratory somewhere deep in UKM. Ayah said the Animal Care Laboratory and Animal Research Laboratory must be located far from human contact to ensure none of the diseases or ailments tested here can spread to human beings.

Actually I was kind of lucky today because Ayah got a new officer, so he had to show her around the facility that day to get her accustomed to the things going on there.

And as the standard operating procedure set by Ayah himself(yes, he's in charge of the Animal Labs around here -_-') To enter the animal chambers, every single person must undergo decontamination, meaning we had to take a bath and change into sterilised lab apparel. And he told me I had to take off everything, and by everything he meant EVERYTHING!

At first i was surprised because what I had in mind was

But then I found out that the bundle of lab apparel i got included a sterilised boxer.So yeah, confidence RESTORED!

So i then changed from
le clothing in box

 So the lab was separated into 2 wings, the forst one we entered was the breeding chamber where there are 4 small rooms. In these rooms are racks filled with small containers with different rodents. There are the Balb-C mice and ICR mice (you can't distinguish them both physically cuz they're only different genetically) and there are also hamsters(CUUUTTEE!). Oh not to forget huge white rats with red eyes(but seriously they're cute...until they're tested or dissected).

And in the other wing is the research wing where PhD and Masters students do research on these rodents. among them are tissue culture where you grow human organs on mice or rats. Or you test cures of cancer on hairless mice or Nude Mice as Ayah called them.

And believe me when i asked how much does a mice cost, I can't believe it when he said they cost RM50.00 each. I mean, a 10 gram mice for RM50. But then I knew why they were so dang expensive. You see.

Cage               : imported from USA
Food               : imported from Australia
Corn Bedding  : imported from Egypt
Water              : filtered 3 times, then boiled at 121 degrees
Air                   : controlled air conditioning, filtered air, filtering maintained monthly(the air they breathe is
                          VERY clean)

So yeah,they get treated like kings before beig tested upon,verrryy epic.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The 'How Far?' Question

How far would you go for something? Will you reach out to the near-impossible to achieve something you want? Or would you just flake out in the middle of the struggle assuming the something you're chasing is like chasing your own tail?

Here is something to provoke thought
It amazes me when someone would even sacrifice themselves for others, the nearest example yet most keep oblivious to is the love and passion from mothers to their children. Okay I bet not many children would take a bullet for their Mum, But I can assure you 90% of the woman labeled as Mamas, Mothers, Mummy, Mak, Ibu or even Bonda would even take a nuclear bomb for their child. (oh so much exaggeration.me love!)

Remember the WW2 days?Where we heard tales of chivalry and noble hearts on the battlefield? No? Seriously?Because if you don't, then by the power invested in me, I hereby present you with the Douche Of The Century Award and i award you this Dunce Cap.
LOL IM JUST JOKING! So if I may,could i interest you in these books just to spark a little bit of patriotism and sense of gratitude to the unsung heroes of the past.

Ahh..I remember drooling and frying my brains out with these books once

But then.

Remember this guy?

It can't be denied that different people have different views on this topic. It is up to us to ask ourselves the question, how far can we go for something ?

But to me, my biggest 'how far' question was always this.

How far will I go for my religion?
And the answer that i chose was 
Tepuk dada tanya iman
Insya-Allah i'll have the chance to die for my religion.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tail Dusts

Again, mentally sweeping the dusts from this blog and wishing my ‘pendeta’ like ideas would just write themselves in this blog. Seriously I feel like I don’t have enough time to just sit down and blog these days. The schedules are too tight, the obligations are plenty and WTH I need to  walk almost EVERYWHERE! I mean the toilet is 5647382KM away, and to get lunch, its another 364843KM walk. Y U NO SMALL UPM?

Joel forgot his wallet, maybe it grew legs and ran away. That is a good and creative excuse just not to get him too worked out (or cry). But then I still feel detached from my boody, frequently looking outside the bus, wondering why this and why that. Too much questions, too little time to think. I wish I was a genius like my friends (Joel is a genius…kot -____-‘).

The exams are next week, but I don't think I'll be here by then.
Hello new world :'(

Class started at 9 today and I’m free at  11 till the rest of the day. I need to talk to someone. Someone who'll ask my how are you today, and how's your life? how's your love life? and we'll chat until the awkward silence comes. And by that time. I'll be smiling with happiness and contempt.

Countless friends till you can't remember their names is better than noone you can name at all.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Much Win

Onlining using the lecture hall's PC..hoho i feel so bad (lame)

24 Months, 2 People

Happy 2nd Year Anniv :)
Donno wat to say

143 to the power of 998778757646527368376185381

So yeah. Heres to you, Nurul Husna
Please take center stage in the theatre of my life.
As my Juliet


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ayam Kasi Potong

  This is the activity of tonight, with 7 heads acting like 1/7 of a brain. Laughing like hell, while getting our hands dirty with chicken grease and chicken innards.Technically they're the ones cutting stuff up and I'm the one with a laptop downloading songs for tomorrow's jamuan sekretariat kebajikan.

  Again, a saddening question yet with an inevitable answer arose a few times. Guys, I tried not to answer. But for now, this is the temporary answer.

  Yes, I am sad with myself moving my sorry ass from UPM. If I am to compare the joy of  being with you guys for 5 years or to have a once in a lifetime experience overseas. I'd choose you guys. But then maybe fate have better plans for all of us right? So since I'll be here for another 2 weeks or so, let's just enjoy the present, never regretting a bit of our mischief and notoriety.

   I promise I'll upload all of the pictures of us, so kalau rindu rajin2 lah baca. I'll never forget you guys :')

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kampung BBQ Fiesta

 Yeah great, A week an a half in this place and I already got an artwork job -____-''. Thanks Aqif for getting me into this mess. I sacrificed my more-important-than-study-time(sleep) for finishing it within the given 24 hours deadline.

Emir : Take Care Out There

    Yesterday I was walking in campus when Dikna called, she sounded happy, too happy with the fact that she’s coping with her cramps and pains.

   Me  : Assalamualaikum! Hey Dikna
   Her : Waalaikumsalam, haiii!
   Me  : (surprised) Kenapa happy ni?
   Her : Lepas ni, cakap kat mama,awak kena kemas barang,then hantar pegi INTEC.
   Me  : MARA dah keluar ke?(still in a state of shock)
   Her :Yes
   Me  :............................

   But then it just added to the headache that i already had with the clutter of assignments and first world problems. So I decided to just keep it low from my friends until I acceped the fact that I'm leaving all the memories here and proceed to another step of my life, shiz. 

  But today I think Allah blew peace and shone a flicker of light into my dusty and black heart. I think He sent this someone into my life to redirect myself into the righteous path. To Emir if you're reading this, sila terasa.

   To quote Mama, "it's hard finding a military boy (RMC) that has high Islamic values and views this world from a religious perspective." So i guess the moral here is getting to know him and learning a thing or two.

  And guess what, when he knew about me getting the loan, the words he said were among the most wisest words an adolescent at my age had said. Well due to respect, the conversation between us will be kept hush.

  Well it sent my mind racing, to the dark pasts, and blissful memories. It's like being in a state of inner peace as i rode the bus back to college after saying goodbye to him and the study group. The bus ride was silent but trust me,only God knows how loud my brain was.

   Insya-Allah, I'll take your advices and in return, prayers for your excellence in studies in life.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Fate Held In Store

Inevitably, someday I would have to leave the uniforms and textbooks and take another leap to a whole new world, college life. Metaphorically  ,I’m the fish who just moved to larger pond.

                This fish  is just another carp, a fat carp still with no patterns and shining scales. But he ended up in another pond full of other elegant fishes and aquatic wonders. Yes,a nobody.

                But keep it aside, it isn’t THAT melancholic! LOL

                He met other  fishes,others who already had their own patterns and body arts. They went along well! And here is a piece of their fun together.

                “Kak ni Syuk nak perform!kak!” those were his words when his mean plan backfired and he ended up being called to perform a dance on stage. But he then decided to take us up with him, so we actually got a bit famous there though it is actually a ‘paksarela’ thing. Among his other taglines is this one to Cumi, “Pundek punya veterinarian” for Cumi jumping in surprise  when a frog leapt between his legs. His name is Amirul Nazhan but we call him Jol, yeah, can’t really see the connection there. -_-‘

He reminds me of Jehan
                “Biasalah..akhir zaman” a new pun/reason that this guy used once in a while that got me into sideaches and bad cheek muscle cramps due to an overdose of laughter.”Pun bolleeehhhh” is also commonly used with an intonation that sounded mengada (trust me it sounds gay). But hey, he’s my roommate and if I’m not mistaken, he’s the ex head-boy of Sains Hulu Selangor or Semashor or Semasyor or whatever the short name is,but yeah, he’s a true leader. Well surprisingly innocent (me gusta) but why judge? He’s funny!
He reminds me of Nizam
      Not to forget is Cumi(refer above). His voice reminds me of Aiman minus the duck-face and technogeek attitude and thrice the cuteness(if you’re reading this Aiman, kita kawan kannn?I’m just being honessttt). From my observation, since he was elected as the leader of both his personal lecturer group and his class, his notorierity and fame increased. Maybe I mislooked over his leadership values. He has potential, but the fact that he’s afraid of small animals but wanting to be a vet makes me laugh. Currently we’re still teasing him with his cute tiger roar during orientation week.

He's hotter than Aiman! jkjk

       Below are 2 other misfits, as i could recall they were from SBPI Rawang, the same with Mad(Highschool friend). Not much can be said but theyre the ones who always make me laugh every 10 minutes.
Akif is always feeling hot(he can't stand the heat)
In memory, he moved to IKIP for preparatory studies before doing Dentistry in Jordan
            I always used to think that I was unlucky being in UPM.But then after meeting them, and playing with them, doing crazy stuff, having dinner each night, cracking up secretariat meetings with our laughs and jokes. I'm starting to feel that there really are new people you meet who can end up being the VIPs in your life.

    Okay enough said before tears start flowing, and Gantung is already peeking at this post (awkward). Well i think better put a fullstop to this post and get ready to go to Mines. Me wanna watch MIB 3 with mah friends.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

UPM Plunder

           Early mornings are never my thing, but since the day is quite an important marker to add into my life, it’s an exception. But the start of it wasn’t that pleasing because it started with “oh shit, tak isi borang lagi”. Last minute work is never a favourite of mine but since the application was verified yesterday and registration is today, you really need to get things settled as fast as possible.

            I don’t think I’ll babble about the registering part,it is a bore,and besides tha fact I went through half of the ordeal with my kidneys on the verge of exploding. But then as I applied my skills, some queues were cut (patience was never my strength).

            As I was told, 669 of the country’s smartasses and badasses were chosen to be in my batch for the year. But then the odds were against me, none of the guys were from MJSC Kuantan, the only Sovereignians that I noticed were girls, and to add to the loneliness, I don’t even know them that well.

            Mum and Dad who were kind to put aside their work and send me to college, and as I found out, my room is 3 storeys above.

meet my college :) its not cmparable to home but itll do 

            Oh yes,a room on the 3rd floor with 6 beds and 2 fans, and to think of it, UPM is still considered an urban area though they claim to be “Conservative to the environment”, so any chance of the temperature dropping below 24 degrees would be tantamount of waiting for a rooster to lay eggs and milk their offsprings.
            For the third time in my life, I was alone again with my clothes, undies and a bed.

            Before shit just got worst, one by one my roommates came in. We got to know each other, and seriously I couldn’t shake the feeling about this one roommate of mine(his name is Mustaqim) who REALLY reminds me of my Kajang Highschool bestie, Nizam. Right to the way he talks and to the position he held in his school.

            I found out later how small this planet is. Because Abeng(PLKN buddy) suddenly showed up as a student in my batch. And I met 2 students from SBPI Rawang who knew Mad(Muhammad Lim from KajangHighschool). And both of them are nutheads, ALWAYS making my sides ache with laughter.(and they ended as among my first and best buddies there besides Mus and Jol)

            Oh yes my issue with “soft” guys came back, I subtly mocked his ‘nyah’ style (OMG I feel so berdosa), and I found out he is quite an important person (let’s just pray he won’t murder me). (if Ebieyt or Zulkarnain is reading this,I'm terribly sorry....)

            Bla ba bla,yadiyediayada,and finally I found myself in Dewan Putra 2, laughing our asses off by our seemingly endless supply of jokes and puns. We even got famous when Jol got all of us on stage to do the ketupat dance, he decided if he were to go down, he’ll drag us with him.

            Bottom line, its gonna be a hell of a foundation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hills Of Memory

    Guess a simple honest assalamualaikum would suffice...

    So here i am again, seated on a stool in the kitchen, mentally sweeping the dust from this blog and literally stuffing my famished self with some of last nights spaghetti while recalling the events earlier today.

   Today's driving class was really annoying with the fact I drove for 2 hours with a bad tummy ache, it was a mistake drinking Nescafe when you have lactose intolerance in the morning. Plus, changing temperatures added to my misery with the sneezing and coughing.

   After finishing that, i took the bus straight to IOI Mall, got a plaid shirt for RM19 (NrlHsna, mohon jealous). To get the edge off from my gastric, i got an unusually enormous sausage on a stick plus a green apple bubble tea, might as well be my brunch for today.

    And since it was a Wednesday, I watched Dark Shadows at the GSC upstairs. Simply said the movie got a 7 out of 10 rating with its mixed fusion of new-age love and old fashioned romance with an undead twist (LOL).

   Has anyone ever let their subconscious do their daily activities? Because that happened during the journey, when reality finally caught me, I was already on the bus, I mean I just lost track of 3 minutes of my life.Thank God the bus passed in front of my housing area, but it just took a different route, which was the cause this post was written.

   It took the downtown route (so to say) which was the part of town that was the background of the life episodes of me during my childhood. The bus passed my kindergarten, which I attended for a year and a half after my family moved back to Malaysia (had very little memories left when we were abroad). One of the funny incidences at the kindergarten was when i fell from the stairs of the slide, I felt very strong and proud because i didn't cry eventhough it hurt real bad.

  The bus then went up a hill which I saw a road that led straight to my primary school, I even saw a glimpse of the school through the trees beyond the road and houses. Back then i was so fat, mummy always said i was like a pau, only that she said i was the overcooked brown cuz i was brown. The six years there went by like a breeze, with only a few acquaintances that i still keep in touch with up until today. And I also saw a junction which if followed, can end me up at Zulaikha's house, which I went there for her birthday party with some friends during Form 3, It's a wonder that her parents still remember me, because i only usually see her grandfather at the mosque, he always smiled a very cheerful smile that showed his dentures, and always poking my ribs occasionally. Well guess 11 years really eats your youth away.

    Perpendicular of the street was also a street that went past my primary school. It was when i was standard one when me and my friend walked along this road to go home, well we kind of played truant because it was Sports Day, and we were very tired of waiting school to end, so we decided to walk home. The next thing we knew, we ended up in front of our housing area, and I am still unable to decide whether we were unfortunate or not because suddenly a police vehicle pulled over beside us. I started to trembling, but then as it turned out, the stern looking policeman smiled and offered us a ride home, he even let us hold his submachinegun and shotgun. I still remember Mum's face when she saw me hopping off from a police vehicle, she was taking her sabbaticals and stayed home. LOL it was epic to see her frantically open the door and asking me tons of questions.

   And finally the bus stopped, blowing away the cloud of imagination and nostalgia i had just now. I got off the the bus, got myself a Cornetto, and walked home.

   It is a wonder when we delve back down along memory lane, it has collections of our lives that brings a multitude of emotions.

   OKAY enough of the past, it is the present that needs to be attended to. And since my registration into UPM is on this Thursday which happens to be tomorrow, better continue packing.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walkman Top 10

    This is the list of the top 10 songs that I'm currently in love with in my Walkman.
The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes ft Ryan Tedder
I found this song while randomly watching music videos. And to tell you the truth, I instantly fell in love with the lyrics. But its quite a bummer because exactly a month after i listened to this song(dah boring dgar), it started to go on air in radios. effff

Derezzed(Glitch Mob Remix) - Daft Punk
Adik introduced me to this song, it has been my favorite jogging song ever since

It Will Rain(Live in the Xfactor) - Bruno Mars
Okay I admit I'm a B.Mars fan, but of all the versions of It Will Rain, This is the most epic version though he skipped the 2nd verse

Someone Like You - Adele Live At Royal Albert Hall
What makes this version of this song so special is that you can feel the emotional aura when she sings the chorus and the feeling is intensified when she lets the audience sings the chorus. It gave me goosebumps, and i almost cried.. T.T

I Miss You - Blink 182 cover by Boyce Avenue
This cover gives the lyrics a much more sunnier disposition as he sings in a semi-joyful tune, and the smooth bass voice of Alejandro(the singer) really gives a sexy vibe to this song.

For the First Time - The Script cover by Boyce Avenue
This is the first Boyce avenue song that made me fell in love with their covers, I mean, this songs lyrics is already sad, and his voice added to the melancholy and the way he changed the tune from the melancholic verse to the slightly happy toned chorus was awesome!

Fireworks - Katy Perry cover by Boyce Avenue
The intro guitar plucking is damn cool and flowing with emotion. I and he manipulates his low voice so well to cope with Katy Perry's high pitched voice by altering the chords and tunings. It's pure creativity!

The One That Got Away - Katy Perry cover by Tiffany Alvord ft Chester See
Just like my tweet to Oya, both of their voices are in a cool chemistry! Because Tiffany has a kinda loud smooth voice and at a point, will seem dull, so here Chester See comes in and uses his soft gruffy voice to provide a sense of diversity to this song, and with the chorus a bit altered, it is the best duet song I've heard.

One Day - LMFAO
Okay this party song ACCIDENTALLY got in this list because of its cool but straightforward lyrics and bombastic bass.

Till I Collapse - Eminem ft Nate Dogg
And the all time favorite since I was in Form 2, is this song. When I hear this, it gives me the chill and motivation to push forward in live. Thanks Eminem for the awesome raps that got me mesmerized throughout the years!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bookworm Heaven

   Perhaps one thing that Malaysians love is cheap stuff. I mean we can't seem to resist when something is sold at a fairly low price or is on a discount. We'll come crowding like flies on a dead carcass. And it is at these times that the real human nature comes out. Which surprises even myself. If you know what i mean Dikna :).

"macam baby dapat candy"

  But in contrast, one thing that Malaysians hate is books, well if you love reading, then congratulations, you should be proud.

  Although i agree to my statement above, I do enjoy reading anyway. So yeah, if you mix both 'books' and 'cheap'. Well the resulting compund that is formed is of course,

  BookXcess is actually a vast and humble bookstore located at the top floor of Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. If you just can't make an idea of where it is, try Google Map-ping it or click here. To get there from KL Central, just board the LRT to Taman Jaya. An voila! Amcorp Mall is just across the street!

   Well actually this wasn't planned earlier........

   We(Me, Nuna, Zariff and Azreen) spent our afternoon watching The Avengers in 3D!LOL that epic movie is going to be a topic in the next post!

   About BookXcess, Dikna(Nuna) once told me about this bookstore not long ago. And i was curious about going there actually and fortunately, she finally brought us there after the movie at Mid Valley!

  Zariff experienced his first public bus ride! We briefly got lost in Amcorp Mall while searching for the bookstore. Seriously Amcorp Mall has EVERYTHING an artist or a college student needs!

  Finally we found BookXcess just across an ancient looking McDonalds(thanks abang Cina!). Dikna was kind of lazy to bertanya, maybe malu or ego..... people should be aware of this famous phrase!

Malu bertanya sesat jalan!
  And as i entered BookXcess, I thought, "macam bookstore biasa je?". But as i looked around.....

  I mean every following words..

The books are stupendously, hilariously, truly, honestly, DAMN CHEAP!

  I mean, almost ALL of the books have prices that are below RM30! and there is even a rack that sells thick fat books for prices below RM10! Talk about cheap! An 8 in 1 Blogging for Dummies book that costs RM118 just cost RM39! Novels that costed rm59-79-109 costed less than RM30!

   Okay I could've sworned i almost jumped out of excitement as I examined the price tags, they were VERY cheap! And so thats why Dikna said my excitement resembled a kid getting a candy! Well guess she didnt know how i was like inside! U WANNA KNOW!?I WAS LIKE..

    Okay I spent there a while looking for books, I mean I only brought RM80.I LOVE YOU MAMA for always supplying me cash for books :') ! But still, never bite more than you can chew! So after lots of reasoning, I got these books.

Hippos Eat Dwarfs - RM17.90(originally RM54.90)
Excuse Me, But It Was My Turn - RM19.90(originally RM82.90)
How To Love - RM 17.90(originally RM93.90)
In the end, I got 3 books for the price of RM55.70!

    At the cashier I actually asked how did the books get VERY cheap. And the cute akak told me that the books they sold are actually extra stocks from overprinting. Which are basically brand new books that happen to be extra stocks. 

   So basically BookXcess is the F.O.S or Reject Shop for books, they sell brand new books that are extra stocks! So that explains the generous prices and whopping price cuts!

  After the fun time shopping in BookXcess, we made way to have our lunch at A&W! YUMMY!

meet the lovebirds :) (lol just kidding, they're just friends)

   So yeah, a special gratitude to Nrl Hsna for bringing me to this place. :)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Dim Shimmer

    I guess nowadays many people agree its the downfall for moral values in this country. From corrupted leaders(not only talking about the Government) to child kidnapping.

    Well if your thinking I'm gonna rant about 'THE PEOPLE SHOULD DO THIS" or "THE PEOPLE SHOULD DO THAT"! Well no. I'm just here to give my opinion on the genesis of this problem. I bet everyone is familiar with the cool friend of everyone that is known as
   Of course I don't believe in Karma, but i believe in a Muslim teaching that is quite similar to that. Okay put that aside. Let's talk about the youths today. Does this pictures give a description of what I'm trying to convey here?
hahhh..i miss the zaman jahiliah days..
   Well it is a known fact Rempits are a minority in our society that seem to wreak havoc in every way possible?how?

All of these WERE cool until the Rempits took over it :'(

  Well enough about Rempits, it's hard to eradicate them anyway, they're already a norm in Malaysia. But yeah the main questionis how these things originated anyway? Well if you read the first paragraph of this post, THAT is the problem. You hear the government blabbling about the youths are a mess and 'gejala sosial dalam kalangan belia makin menular pada zaman globalisasi kini' or 'gejala sosial yang makin menjadi-jadi marcapada menjadi perbualan hangat pihak atasan" and all the berbunga bunga ayats.

   And to students, can't you help but notice that THESE topics are the staple dish in our BM or English exams?

   Why don't they put topics like "Sistem pilihanraya di Malaysia kini makin tidak amanah dan telus, perbincangkan" or "Pemimpin yang berwibawa dan bemaruah penting bagi menjamin  produktiviti negara" or "Justin Bieber patut menjalani pembedahan menukar jantina" atau "Kpop punca pemakaian pakaian mengarut". Cant' people see how the people 'up there' keep hiding the shit they make and make other people look more worse than they are?

  I mean they're busy trying to stop alcoholic influences among youth but in fact the ones who coined the idea are the ones who get drunk with booze and get laid with whores. Hipocrisy? DEFINITELY.

  Well truth to be told, I cant't help but admit that i was and maybe still that deviated from the right path. But I'm not blind. What the youths are today is because of what our predecessors did. We drink booze bcause somewhere somewhat an old guy is drinking booze. We smoke because somwhere somehow the people above us are doing it. Were all cracked up on drugs because up there someones doing it. It is something that is inherited unconsciously.

  But then I'm no FULL HATER, because I got my share of experiences with people like these. I mean they dress up like Rempits and speak in a language only fit to be talked to a dustbin. But people, don't be too harsh, who knows one day you'll be like them? And please don't judge a book by its cover.

   My friends had told me multiple stories of these kind of people are not who they seem to be.

   Okay my experience is this, I was jaywalking alone(one of my solo walks around KL which noone knows except for mum and dad). And I saw this guy with all his shebangs and shiz, I mean he wears all the bangles, contact lenses, a really cool mohawk, ultra skinny jeans with Paul Smith shirt and boots with his friends(oh so rempit). And I thought, wow he's all messed up with his friends, and as humans always do, having a small sense of feeling in ure heart that ure better than everyone.

   Well yeah,thats me, being all cocky,(Imma human being, so no judging) But not long after that as i made my way to the musolla (right on time for Asar), I noticed a pair of shoes that looked familiar,(okay awkward) then i entered i saw a pair of skinny jeans folded at a corner of the musolla. And to my surprise, the rempit guy i saw earlier was there, with a 'kain pelikat' on, a 'kopiah', and all his bangles gone.

   Okay that got me going all WTF!!! And he looked as if he was really deep in his prayers. I mean there was the aura and everything. And I felt really all ashamed and hina when i was beside him...i mean, i felt like a glow somewhat was reignited in the dark corners of my smelly heart. I mean, I finally saw hope in the middle of KL.

   Well with this experience, I was also reminded by the same stuff i said earlier in this post, people are still praying and shedding tears for Allah just because somewhat somewhere, someone is crying their heart out to Him.

   All in all, my justified opinion is this, don't just talk the talk, walk the talk and walk the walk. Don't be busy preaching and ranting about other peoples wrongdoings sukahati makbapak and behind it, doing the same shit, because u might not know what the victim of your bitchy mouth has things that you lack e.g bigger penises. okay im just joking. But you get my drift right?

  A better future for humanity can be achieved by people working together to fix the root of the problems. not by one side working their asses out and another side looking as if theyre busy but in reality theyre also doing the same shit.

Inspired Fatty

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Airplanes Part ii - B.O.B ft Hayley ft Eminem

   I was really surprised when I heard this song, because probably the best white rapper alive got to feat in this song!

   And trust me, his rap lines never disappointed me

Alright let's pretend Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen
Let's pretend things would have been no different
Pretend he procrastinated had no motivation
Pretend he just made excuses that were so paper thin they could blow away with the wind
Marshall, you're never gonna make it makes no sense to play the game there ain't no way that you'll win
Pretend he just stayed outside all day and played with his friends
Pretend he even had a friend to say was his friend
And it wasn't time to move and schools weren't changing again
He wasn't socially awkward and just strange as a kid
He had a father and his mother wasn't crazy as shit
And he never dreamed he could rip stadiums and just lazy as shit
Fuck a talent show in a gymnasium, bitch, you won't amount to shit quit daydreaming kid
You need to get your cranium checked you thinking like an alien it just ain't realistic
Now pretend they ain't just make him angry with this shit and there was no one he could even aim when he's pissed it
And his alarm went off to wake him off but he didn't make it to the Rap Olympics
Slept through his plane and he missed it
He's gon' have a hard time explaining to Hailey and Lainie these food stamps and this WIC shit
Cause he never risked shit he hoped and he wished it but it didn't fall in his lap so he ain't even here
He pretends that

4-5-2012 :')

Guess this is lame huh? :(