Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emir : Take Care Out There

    Yesterday I was walking in campus when Dikna called, she sounded happy, too happy with the fact that she’s coping with her cramps and pains.

   Me  : Assalamualaikum! Hey Dikna
   Her : Waalaikumsalam, haiii!
   Me  : (surprised) Kenapa happy ni?
   Her : Lepas ni, cakap kat mama,awak kena kemas barang,then hantar pegi INTEC.
   Me  : MARA dah keluar ke?(still in a state of shock)
   Her :Yes
   Me  :............................

   But then it just added to the headache that i already had with the clutter of assignments and first world problems. So I decided to just keep it low from my friends until I acceped the fact that I'm leaving all the memories here and proceed to another step of my life, shiz. 

  But today I think Allah blew peace and shone a flicker of light into my dusty and black heart. I think He sent this someone into my life to redirect myself into the righteous path. To Emir if you're reading this, sila terasa.

   To quote Mama, "it's hard finding a military boy (RMC) that has high Islamic values and views this world from a religious perspective." So i guess the moral here is getting to know him and learning a thing or two.

  And guess what, when he knew about me getting the loan, the words he said were among the most wisest words an adolescent at my age had said. Well due to respect, the conversation between us will be kept hush.

  Well it sent my mind racing, to the dark pasts, and blissful memories. It's like being in a state of inner peace as i rode the bus back to college after saying goodbye to him and the study group. The bus ride was silent but trust me,only God knows how loud my brain was.

   Insya-Allah, I'll take your advices and in return, prayers for your excellence in studies in life.

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