Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Fate Held In Store

Inevitably, someday I would have to leave the uniforms and textbooks and take another leap to a whole new world, college life. Metaphorically  ,I’m the fish who just moved to larger pond.

                This fish  is just another carp, a fat carp still with no patterns and shining scales. But he ended up in another pond full of other elegant fishes and aquatic wonders. Yes,a nobody.

                But keep it aside, it isn’t THAT melancholic! LOL

                He met other  fishes,others who already had their own patterns and body arts. They went along well! And here is a piece of their fun together.

                “Kak ni Syuk nak perform!kak!” those were his words when his mean plan backfired and he ended up being called to perform a dance on stage. But he then decided to take us up with him, so we actually got a bit famous there though it is actually a ‘paksarela’ thing. Among his other taglines is this one to Cumi, “Pundek punya veterinarian” for Cumi jumping in surprise  when a frog leapt between his legs. His name is Amirul Nazhan but we call him Jol, yeah, can’t really see the connection there. -_-‘

He reminds me of Jehan
                “Biasalah..akhir zaman” a new pun/reason that this guy used once in a while that got me into sideaches and bad cheek muscle cramps due to an overdose of laughter.”Pun bolleeehhhh” is also commonly used with an intonation that sounded mengada (trust me it sounds gay). But hey, he’s my roommate and if I’m not mistaken, he’s the ex head-boy of Sains Hulu Selangor or Semashor or Semasyor or whatever the short name is,but yeah, he’s a true leader. Well surprisingly innocent (me gusta) but why judge? He’s funny!
He reminds me of Nizam
      Not to forget is Cumi(refer above). His voice reminds me of Aiman minus the duck-face and technogeek attitude and thrice the cuteness(if you’re reading this Aiman, kita kawan kannn?I’m just being honessttt). From my observation, since he was elected as the leader of both his personal lecturer group and his class, his notorierity and fame increased. Maybe I mislooked over his leadership values. He has potential, but the fact that he’s afraid of small animals but wanting to be a vet makes me laugh. Currently we’re still teasing him with his cute tiger roar during orientation week.

He's hotter than Aiman! jkjk

       Below are 2 other misfits, as i could recall they were from SBPI Rawang, the same with Mad(Highschool friend). Not much can be said but theyre the ones who always make me laugh every 10 minutes.
Akif is always feeling hot(he can't stand the heat)
In memory, he moved to IKIP for preparatory studies before doing Dentistry in Jordan
            I always used to think that I was unlucky being in UPM.But then after meeting them, and playing with them, doing crazy stuff, having dinner each night, cracking up secretariat meetings with our laughs and jokes. I'm starting to feel that there really are new people you meet who can end up being the VIPs in your life.

    Okay enough said before tears start flowing, and Gantung is already peeking at this post (awkward). Well i think better put a fullstop to this post and get ready to go to Mines. Me wanna watch MIB 3 with mah friends.

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