Sunday, June 23, 2013


               Love; a four lettered word that leads a human to a multitude of emotions - bliss, distaste, anger. Love is up to the heart to decide for emotions which are the reactions of our subconscious towards things. One can spend decades before realizing the person in front of them is The One. The most random of incidents could be a spark to something; either igniting a bright momentary firework or a dazzling eternal flame - metaphors of love these are. These are metaphors even I could not shape so well. I admit I do not know what love is. So I will leave you to define love in your own taste of tongue.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I saw a blind man
A happy man
Jaywalking amidst the chaos
He almost hit a wall

I saw a couple
Hot in a quarrel
Squabbling amidst the chaos
Of the packed warung

I saw a stylish man
A foreign man
Littering amidst the chaos
In the crawling bus

I saw people
Smiling people
Jolly amidst the chaos
A strange sight

Yet I stayed silent
Stupid me.