Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It was joy from the start. With mum driving me to Putrajaya and us having a light breakfast (Apple bar and Croissants). Actually the bakery was a really small one but damn, the croissants are humongous and crunchy on the outside with a chewy core. Heaven!

And so then we got to KLIA, she had to catch a plane to Terengganu for a conference. Poor Mama, busy je dia.

Anyway then I decided to take a walk around the airport (surprisingly of countless times ive ever been to this airport, tk penah lagi tawaf tmpt ni). Oh and yes, I spent 45 minutes at the observing hall where i watched everything on the runway and gates unfold into a normal hectic day. And all i can say is, AMAZING!

The airplanes (Hayley Williams-Airplanes playing in my head XD)

And theres this one photographer( Japanese I think) who was busy snapping pics oh everything on the runway. His camera had a very LARGE lens (OH ME WANT OONEE!)

     Well then I boarded the next ERL to Salak Tinggi and waited for her and the gang.
Her dressup? From my point of view is half 'Datin' with a 'Teenage' twist. But who am i anyway? I'm no fashion police. But yeah, She looked gorgeous to me  ♥

She's the one in the middle. :)

   Speaking about the picture, the girl on the right was kinda late (she took the wrong train and ended up in KLIA instead of Putrajaya). Well Amirah,takpe,no hard feelings, if kau tak lambat, takdenye ktorg sempat main kerusi urut! :)

   And when it comes to Kerusi Urut Ogawa (or any other brand), that is the part where Nrl Hsna (her) goes bonkers =__='

The urut machine is pretty good

So Amirah finally arrived after another croissant,a hazelnut bar, a Coke Light and jeruk mangga =.='

Thanks to Aainaa, we got a cab to Alamanda! And I got the executive cab!OMG besonye teksi tuuuu!haaha.

Well Alamanda was quite deserted (not sure was it because of we arrived early or the fact that everyone is still in the CNY holidays). Oh yeah, we met Wawa and Azreen there. Well when they met it was like they had never met in a decade cuz they were all hugging and grinning and cheek-kissing and stuff. 

Well back to story, Zariff then arrived! We actually kept the info that Azreen was gonna tag along with us so that it would be a surprise for him (they're scandals,whattaya expect?).Well he was surprised and I was SURPRISED too cuz he had long haiiirrr. Oh me so jealous cuz im alredy botak! >:3

Azreen kind of mengembang throughout the holidays 0.0

We got our movie tickets. 'Keramat' and then went to the square outside to snap some pitchazzzz.
(everyone was hyper)

This is everyone. Although ada yg still tak kenal, but yeah. You guys rocked!
Ezurain, sorry bro, tk nampak sgt kau! hahaha (he's damn sporting!)

She said my t-shirt is cute! :D And as usual, the scandalous Zariff and Azreen snapped a photo together

All the girls

Dikna brought us some of her food! It was pavlova and red velvet cake! Which if anyone wanted to know what it was, check out her blog or Google it.

Well we bought lunch and Dikna and I ran away to get some whipping cream and pavlova (aku yg mengada sgt mintak whipping cream and fruits atas pavlova)

She took a long time getting her Sizzling rice, so i bought her a hazelnut mocha and put whipping cream on it (HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL XD). 

The pavlova was REALLY tasty! It was sweet (just nice) and it had a crunchy crust and a foamy inside. Well u gotta make me more of those haha. And the red velvet reminded me of Mum's spongecake and cheesecake. But yeah, it was basically just a red cake with a cream cheese top. But nonetheless, kudos for Nrl Hsna for being such a wonderful cook (bangga suami kau)

And so, we watched the movie Keramat. I gave the idea to Ezurain to wear Aainaa's robe and imitate the character from the movie,Habib. And hilariously, he looked just like Habib! And throughout the movie, All of us were laughing. Ezurain kept spewing out funny puns and jokes but still jumped when the ghost showed itself 

Ezurain = Oit terbang mak kau, mak kau terbang!
That was his rant each time he jumped in surprise

Dikna kept using the Sovereign shawl to close her eyes =.=' Scaredy-cat. Tampaq kang!
Amirah laughed till her tummy hurt
And I laughed till i had cramps in my face and bad side ache T.T

As for the movie, it actually sucked, the story was hazy and the info wasn't enuf. Even the ghost is shit. Long story short, Malaysia horror films really need a total makeover. They suck. But the fact that i got my friends, it wasn't a total bummer. We had a good time :)

After that we did our prayers (alhamdulillah,tak lupa agama)

We then stopped by at Nichii to do some window shopping. Well we ended up at the mirror snapping pictures and stuff :o

And then we went to Baskin Robbins (i promised myself i'll get her some Ice cream)
It was pink day! And my sweater had a pink streak!So we got discount! Dikna picked Pecans and Praline while i chose the Strawberry Cheesecake. We shared the double scoop (she told me tkyah beli 2) ♥

Wawa with the other girls kept trying to get a snap of pic at the 'abang' at the Basking Robbins. They told me he was hot. I was like whateverrr! But yeah, that became the topic for the rest of the day =.=

Wawa and Aainaa especially was like head over heels over him and kept babbling about it.Ezurain and me just watched in utter silence. Again, 

We then ended up at the garden spending our last minutes there. I sat briefly with her on a bench nearby and said my thanks for the hell of a blast of a day :')

The cab ride back to the ERL station was also merry with me being their Dad =__='
(I noticed the pak drebar grinning to our jokes) LOL

So i went with the girls to buy their tickets and waited as one by one, they passed through the gate and only watched as Dikna went out of sight, down the escalator. And that was the end.

I the started reading on my new book and waited for Mum who arrived 20 minutes later. She drove me home and as the car cruised along the highway. I told myself, today is a day that I'll never forget.

It was a helluva day Dikna. Thanks for everything 

Impending Blog Hibernation

Since body is too weak to brainstorm,
And out of resources
(y noone upload pics of todayy!!??)
I'll make a last post tomorrow before this blog goes to hibernation till 18th March of 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Subway,Sunway and Saute

Well today mum brought us to Sunway Lagoon
Dads swimming suit
RM5 snowcap and old jeans

Yes,slides,beaches,tubes,coasters and stuff

I rode it all,(like i always do)
But yeah
For all I can say,other places have much better to offer
For coasters
Cosmo World - Times Square can give you more crazy rides
For waterparks
Gambang Waterpark - Kuantan
Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort - Perak
yeah, they excel better in terms of quality and quantity

So no offense.
To Sunway
Ure Outdated

The mall as always,
Thats all from me
not in the mood to write
maybe will do repost

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Red Hot Spicy Stuff

  Dad brought me and Adik for a quick dinner at a restaurant. Since us already full(thanks Mak Long), we just ordered soups.And for me, the Seafood Tomyam. Dad told me that the soups here are really 'uummphh!' being that the cook is from Thailand. So yeah. After a few sips of Iced Tea, the steaming bowl of red liquid presented itself. Bubbling with the heat. The whiff of the steam filled my head with myriads of senses. The heat of the chillis, the scent of 'daun ketumbar', a hint of lime, lemongrass, and other herbs. It was like a beautiful orchestra of smells playing.
  The taste?Well you be the judge, cuz its ure tongue not mine!LOL.
  But if taken from my point of view, I would give it a 4 star. With the hot spicy chilli stinging my mouth, the heat searing my tongue and sourness tingling my brain. Its a satisfaction after a whole day feeling cold and damp due to the rainy weather today. Well, guess the small things in life do mean wonders to our life anyway. That is all, Adios

p.s - planning to do pixel art of Al,wait for the results and comments are surely appreciated :)-

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Family Time

 This evening, we brought out the ol grill and grilled some seafood(Mum marinated them yesterday). And right at 6.00 p.m, fragrant smoke was already puffing and the grills were sizzling!
So meet the grill (got SIRIM maah!) and there's the prawns and squid cooking!

We just set out a table and stools on the porch and watched the sunset (My house is on a hill,good sunset view!). Mum whipped up some salad and dipping sauce with mushroom macaroni!YUMMY!

We ate and we ate till the sun set and finished just before maghrib.
Oh yeah, n we got to watch a movie that night
Journey To Mysterious Island (or so i think)
Thanks Mum and Dad and Sis and Bro
You're the best!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Artwork Finished!FINALLY!

Good Mornin World!
Woke up at 6.20
And started on artwork
A few corrections were made and these are the final results
haha..dressups during the annual dinner(jadi tak?)

Final touches and voila!
Now give me ure comments and tell meh that i'm good with Photoshop!

To Do List

1. Finish pixel art for Nuns,Adik and Al
2. Finish Zoomba Artwork(the teeth part needs editing)
3. Figure outfit for Alamanda outing
4. Post abt today(makan2)
5. Write essay(gotta pull back ideas)

God willing
The 4 days left will be spent with the utmost care

Pixel Art -Me-

I think I fell in love with pixel art
So I drew myself with my Annual Dinner outfit
Ex MJSC students may know what I'm talking about

Friday, January 20, 2012


I ransacked my phone
Found the old memories


Wish i could relive back the days again
Of course,without the retaking the SPM exams(LOL)

clockwise rotation from top left - (L)lokman,(keme)Ikman,(Me)Syuk,(Bujei)Hafiz.

Merdeka Day, Form 4

Waterpark Outing with the Science Dept

Our Mayan sandcastle at the last day at Teluk Chempedak

The fun in life always come and go
It is up to us to cherish each second of it.
And for these memories, 
They'll stay with me forever
Thanx guys
Thanx nono
For all the memories

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara/Neraka (PLKN)

1 January 2012
Bam,Mum dropped me at Putrajaya
still remember her wave when the bus jettisoned

The days are boring

6.30 - morning roll-call
9.00 - classes(kindergarten-like)
2.30 - physical/multiskill/kawad kaki activity
5.30 - exercise
9.00 - tayangan(optional)
10.30 - roll-call

And there, i got assigned to the Alpha company. And due to bad management. Even appointed as Second In Command.WTH i just wanted to relax there. not bust my ass each there managing delinquents and misfits like myself!

oh yeah.
notice the fakeness?
i was on the way to the camp on my first day

day 5(i think)
i look like a bald prisoner

Alpha company! PEACE Y'ALL(our tag cheer)

From left - Wan(First In Command),Nazmie(da guy from my class)

Our flag(i painted it!!!BANGGA!)Lipan(centipede) is our mascot animal

My rank kt bahu baju..satu calit jee..tklah market sgt.hahaha

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey Thanks!

My blog looks all much neater thanks to the one and only Nurul Husna Binti Amran

It used to look like my room(nuclear aftermath) but after her touch..yeah its much neater..

lotsa thanks nono!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two People,One Vision,One Heart

Sarah covered her mouth as she yawned. The battered clock was slammed again, sending it back to its slumber of ticks and tocks. As the coffee machine does its job, she showered and dressed. A sense of awkwardness fell upon her as she noticed something wrong but soon it slipped her mind. The toast was kind of burnt today, and as of the coffee,  Arabica was kind of overwhelming and thick but really good stuff.
In no time, the caffeine kicked in and at long last, she suddenly noticed what the awkwardness was about. “Shit he’s gone!” Sarah gasped and quickly raced out of the house. The screeching sound of the tires of the Vios echoed through the urban residency of Damansara Utama.
KL Central as usual, full of life and bustle. And in the midst of it all, there Naim was, jaywalking with not a sign of despair from his face. He liked to tune his ears and listen to the sound rich environment. Maybe he could pick the conversation between lovers, or breakfast orders at the Mcdonalds nearby, maybe someone talking to people on the phone, business partners perhaps? Or a wife? A gust of wind picked up and caressed his long hair, he held his head up to enjoy the breeze, hoping it will take him with it, off to somewhere unknown where he can live a happy life with her.
His mind then went off to other places. To the special day, that day….
Sarah really had to squint to try and make out his writing on the piece of pink paper. It really was hard with his writing, but with his condition, it really was an absolute achievement. And with eyes tearing up with joy and the butterflies in her belly, she whispered to him a small yes. “Love yah gemok” she added after her besties made a commotion about the proposal-at-the-restaurant-stuff. “I’m so not fat!” Naim protested. Sarah then took a fork and gently poked his lovehandles which sent him jumping in surprise.
“So what? You’re gonna sue me?” And she gave another poke to him.
Only laughs were heard at that place that night.
And then it faded, Naim found himself again flying across the darkness which had grew into one of his close friends.
Dr Zul Is standing in front of him, with a file in his hand and his eyes scanning the pages. “we have definitely no problem doing this surgery but it is the effect on both of you I am worried about, both psychologically and physically". “I know, I understand, and I’ll do anything just for her smile.” Said Naim while signing a few papers and lying on the white bed. He remembered taking a deep puff of the anesthesia and antiseptic ridden air of the HUKM operating room.
Another thing he remembered was looking to his right to avoid the bright light overhead and noticing that Sarah was on another bed beside her, fast asleep under sedation, with her eyes wrapped.
Those eyes, the sparkling wonder in it, round, shiny, and purely seductive, overflowing with affection, he always looked for a chance to steal a view on those eyes, to stare at those eyes and dive deep into her soul. But not long after that, fate made a very unfortunate turn. With her one day partially losing her vision and a few days later, was diagnosed with a genetic vision disease.
Naim took a long breath and closed his eyes, forever. “All for you honey.” His tiny heart whispered before spiraling into a deep sleep.
A car honking right in front of him whizzed him back to reality. He was near one of the main roads and needed to cross to get to the monorail station. Upon hearing the beeps, he walked to cross and at that precise moment, a hand held him and guided him, he wriggled his arm a little as the mysterious person took him the other way. “Stop wriggling honey, I’m your eyes, trust me,” the soft voice said, with a hot breath to his ears. 
Familiar with that voice knowing it belonged to Sarah, he jabbed his cane on her feet.”Wow, my wife chased me to the hearts of the city again, you stalker! Have you been following me?”
She gave out a slight laugh, as usual, she saw the aunty who used to sell sweets at a nearby stall. Sarah waved at her, knowing that she was a witness of her following Naim everyday in her Vios, unknowingly, silent, and distant. Watching him as he walked to the station, and as he disappeared up the escalator, she blew a kiss and continued to drive to work. She knew she was not a stalker, just a person in love and with a debt to pay to her hero.
“You’re wearing the blue wedges again?” Naim asked. ‘”Nope, brown ones” She said, dazed from her previous thoughts. “Oh, it must be beautiful on you sayang” Naim said, and that was his only reply.
She held him closer and a bead of tear formed at the corner of her hazel eyes. She knew she didn’t need to hide it. He can’t see it, even her brown wedges from Clarks. He’s blind, and so is love, that’s the reason she can see the world, through his eyes, now a part of her.
“I love you gemok”, Sarah whispered.
“Hahaha, why so random? And for the hundredth time in 3 years!IM NOT GEMOK!” whined Naim as he pinched her nose.
“Ouch that hurts!”
And so, they walked along the street, past the hustling people. It was true love in the heart of KL, with a blind twist. 

Friday, January 13, 2012


The scorching sun shone over Karim’s eyes, it blinded him temporarily. He could feel his chubby dimpled cheeks becoming hot and pulsating with the heat. He could feel the perspiration trickling down his forehead and along the furrow between his eyes, the cracks on his parched lips. He could feel the long rumbles and slow moans in his belly. Yet, he was still 4 hours away before breaking fast. Time really slows down during Ramadhan.

Home seemed an eternity away. He really was not in the mood for walking home from school. He mumbled something under his breath, maybe he grumbled? Maybe he cursed? Who knows?

He threw his bag onto the sofa as he entered his humble abode. The nose-piercing yet fragrant smell of his Mum’s ‘Gulai Tempoyak’ settled in his nose. It was like a shot of heroine, addictive. He dragged his limp weak body to the couch.

He inhaled deep, careful not to miss any details in the myriad of aromas lingering heavily in the air.
‘Ahh,’ Karim inhaled and sniffed the pungent mouth-watering scent of ‘tempoyak’. A hint of caramelizing sugar and sourness of milk, perhaps cheesecake(because he heard the noisy sound of the oven)? There was also a salty and oily aroma, ikan masin? And another smell, sour too, yet it was more humid, more like rotting, with a little hint of Nivea. Oh, it was his armpits. Karim scrambled to take his shower and prayers done.
He could feel a void forming in his tummy. But soon he managed to coax himself to his evening nap. He dreamt of ‘nasi kerabu’, ‘lai chi kang’, and surprisingly, Nivea too.

‘I’m home!’, the familiar voice awoke him, Dad has just got back from work. Karim took a curious peek at the things that Abah had brought in his hand. ‘Could it be?’ he whispered, while swallowing his saliva(he didn’t know it was ‘makruh’), Mak Long’s famous Bandung Kick? The heavenly pink creamy liquid with a generous splash of Ice Cream Soda added. He then hasted ecstatically to help his parents to set the table.

As the voice of the local ‘Bilal’ echoed throughout the neighborhood, Karim slurped some ice-cold Bandung Kick, gobbled up a piece of peach cheesecake, then moved on to a generous helping of rice topped with ‘gulai pucuk masak tempoyak’ and a few crunchy salted fish. He ate his fill, then sat back. He wanted more, the feel of emptiness was still lurking in him. He had to do it, he had been holding it back for the whole day.

He stood up and went into the toilet sink, careful to close the door behind him, he took a finger (this time, he used his pinky), and filled it in his nasal cavity.

With eyes shut, he enjoyed and indulged the sweet soothing feeling he achieved by this gross yet satisfying act. He took the finger and grinned as the greenish brown residue on his fingers were washed away by the flowing water, satisfactorily godly. Looks like Ramadhan has its ups and downs after all.

This Isn't Another Girl Meets Boy

Suddenly the lights went out, i put my handbag on the coffee table, thank god it was still dusk, specifically 6.46 in the evening. Another hectic day come and go, and now, a black out happened just as I stepped into the house. Angrily, I flicked the switch but to my dismay, not even a single flicker of light. Suddenly a tap on my back sent me jumping. The hair on my spine jumped and I let out a loud, screeching scream, it echoed through the house. I heard a chuckle coming from the darkly lit figure.

I shouted “Honey! You’re so mean! I hate you!”

Shah laughed and shook my shoulder. “Welcome home!” he said, then continued, “The utility people said there’ll be a blackout till tomorrow due to maintenance work.” Cheekily I said, “Woah! Even a new bungalow in Damansara also experiences blackout!” Shah replied, “Well, now I think the bungalow’s owner would like you to get out of the house now!” While he unlocked the door and opened it for me. We then laughed. A thunder strike crackled and bellowed out of the blue, I immediately jumped to hold my husband’s arms, he laughed again while mumbling “Scaredy-cat!”

We piled the candles we had on the dining table and started lighting them up. From aloe vera to lavender scented candles, we lighted them all. And then we set it different places of the house. As Maghrib came, I proceeded to take a bath and he went to the mosque.

And so, as I was just getting out of the bedroom, a tall white figure with an ugly face jumped at me, and exactly at that time, I slapped it! I knew it was my beloved Shah with his Halloween mask and robe that he went to the mosque with. The house was filled with laughter again. But as silence crept over again, I twitched my ear, the rain had stopped, I then looked through the window. The sky had cleared, I could see the stars, I could see the moon and all the Kuala Lumpur lights at all its splendour. Shah noticed my gleaming eyes and he then said something very surprising, “Want to have a campfire dinner at the garden?” Oh, how could I resist?

I started by defrosting the chicken and beef, then i whipped up a 10-minutes salad and quickly moved to the marinade, some Coke, barbeque sauce, pepper and salt, garlic and lots of love it what Shah prefers when it comes to barbeque marinades. The folks back in Puchong taught me the recipe and it has never failed to attract Shah. Well, as they say, “The key to a man’s heart is through his tummy!” I then left Shah to do the barbequing.

At 9.16, we ate our fill accompanied by the candles, the sound of crickets, the round full moon and starts. Try to compare that with Paris! I ate up 3 steaks and two pieces of chicken with a helpful of salad. As for Shah? He ate twice as much, as usual. Not to forget, with some Coke we got from the nearby department store. We talked about work, business, family stuff and whatnot. But the highlight is yet to come!

The clouds have really gone and I watched the night sky, counting the stars and staring at the moon. The best part was, having my husband with his barbeque stained clothing beside me through each second of it. Also, for the first time, he showed me the stars that we saw, among them that I could recall is the Orion Belt, Scorpio, Gemini and the common North Star. But when it started to drizzle again, we ran helter-skelter, back to the cosiness of our humble abode.

As I wiped my hair, Shah suddenly came in wearing a helmet with a gigantic torchlight attached to it. He looked like one of the gold-miners in Discovery Channel. He then let me wear it, and just like a little child, he made shadow puppets on the tangerine coloured wall. We then found it very amusing, so we built a fort of pillows and blankets, and then continued on making funny shadows on the ceiling. We made birds, cats, dogs and even dragon!

It was not long before Shah fell asleep. His exhausted deep breaths filling the silent room of our house. I covered him with a blanket and he then curled into a foetal position. I smiled at his cuteness and then heard he mumbled, “I love you, Dikna.” A tear crawled on my cheek. That night, as I was falling asleep, I told myself, tonight is the best night of my life.