Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I've migrated

No man will ever step in the same river twice. Both the man and the river will never be the same as before.

you can still reach my weird side. but at another river

Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Belated Parents Day

In the future, if you ask me on why do I choose to come here,
I'll look at you in the eyes, and tell you;
"If I've been living far away from my parents since a young age ,
won't you think I would someday not want to live near my parents."

There's a reason why I would walk a thousand miles for you.

after the hi(gh)atus

"It is a bad idea"

"It's 4.20PM"


We were on the couch, in our own worlds,  in our own bubble, and In the tank that is our little room. The white noise of the fan calms the fade.

Chill shit just kept playin. Spekears loud they're boomin.

"how hi r u?"

"I'm there"

We ripped another.


"It's 4:20AM"

"Was it a bad idea?"

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Waiting For Angels

Tonight, a part of me never left NYC. I've seen enough of faces for the day. Keeping my head up, I walked down its streets and avenues, I admired the snowstorm illuminated by the neon lights. Reminds me of those cold faces masked by their beautiful clothes. I enjoy the sting as drop by drop, snow hit my face.Physical pain never felt sweeter. It shows that I'm just human. Just another human. Human; A conscious mass that would be no different than the ground after introduced to a speeding car. I crave unconsciousness. Let everything slip into oblivion. All of life. Its ugliness. Its pains. Its beauty. Its imperfectly perfect beauty. I've heard that angels are beautiful. Still waiting to crash; let me say hello to those divine beauties.