Friday, April 27, 2012

it haS many meaningS

   Okay it has been set, I am adding this to my wishlist. Why so childlike?WHY SO CHILDLIKE!? No i just like the blue contrasting the red emblem.
    Okay that is not just it, truth is, I'm attracted to the S in the middle. It brings many meanings :-
Semualahhhh.hee(laammee -_-')

     But above it all, it can also mean 'Syuk'. Okay sorry hambar.LOL
Just not in the mood,killing time is hard when ure not at home. T.T

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

By Chem + Phy Teacher At Tuition

Once upon a time

(in an Indian Accent)
"So just a 'selingan' while you do your work, I want to share something with you guys, in this world, no matter how smart you are, once you think you're smart, ure the most stupidest person on the planet."

Dont Rape The Word!

So this post is too shed a light on a common yet unnnoticed mistake that we make when we're speaking English. I know my English is NOT that good but hey, I'm just sharing. So to any future haters..
Kiss my ass!

One of the favorite snacks that we People-Who-Want-To-Look-All-Civilised-And-Modernish like to eat is if i'm not mistaken is this stuff.

WAIITT! Before I get to my point..try saying the word waffle..


One more time

Yeah thanks for noticing what i did meme.. So now lets take a few moments to think..

(bold,centered and colored red just so ignorant people would pay attention)

Okay firstly, i got no beef against waffles, they're cool! They're all delicious and yummy and all. And I'm also not against the people who likes to eat waffles. But what I'm kind of keen of correcting is the way you say the word.

Ali    : weyh, jowm kitew gie mamam wayfel,lapar arhh..
Abu : Jowm arhhh...kitew mkn wayfel!
(sengaja guna bahasa rempit because rempits are the minority part of this nation that always seem to make this mistake and mess everything that is cool.. e.g Supra, Facebook and Skinny Jeans)


Its pronounced as wafel for Gods sake.
Still don't know how to say it?
to Muslims, remember the letter 'wa'?
pronounce a 'wa' baris atas (wa) and connect it to -fel  = wa-fel
Still don't get it yet?
Go to a school and ask an English teacher
Or learn it the TADIKA wayy! WITH MUSIC AND VIDEO!
watch this! :)

Hope you've enjoyed learning
And I hope I've enlightened your mind
(but most probably you don't give a shiz :-))

Monday, April 23, 2012

Meatball or Patty

   We were having dinner the other night, and Adik was there too(menggedik nak balik dari asrama sbb nk gaming). And Mama told Adik about the Burger Bakar I got Mama and Asha the other day..
                               To anyone yang taktau lagi what Burger Bakar is..
                                                     Here is a link to get you out from the ignorance :)
                                          Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw
  Oh and Burger Bakar just opened a new stall at Puchong Utama(please be jealous Nrl Hsna) LOL
  OH! now i can get somemore of those giants!
  OHH!! Now I can go lepak there oweys n oweysss!
  OOOHHHH shizz..I..Don't..Have..A..Car to go there..
   But ANYWAY! Suddenly after that she told me she got 800grams of cow in the freezer(seriously its minced meat
This is it but its 800g
   So she told me to "kau buat lah daging burger out of it,then masak"
   And I went all Me Gusta(I can't cook taht welll..T.T)
But then I got know tht she act wanted a chef in the family tp tkde yang minat. In my heart I told myself. A soon-to-be-lecturer-in-Biotechnology can also be a good chef! and a Suami Mithali!HHMPH!

                                                               dramatic drumroll!!
   So on the evening of the 23rd March, I microwaved the minced meat to defrost it.
grated 3 garlic cloves
diced an onion
loads of Paprika,Pepper,Steak powder and salt
2 teaspoons of olive oil
an egg
(actually I studied 4 recipes and kind of mixed them all together and main tabur je)

All the ingredients

Sooo squishy and colldd...not to mention greasyyy

time masuk oven nice,huge and plump

after 10 minutes start shrinking, jadi bulat macam pau..hahaha

after half an hourr....

  Okay I was flabbergasted when I realized it became meatballs. But still Mama, Ayah and Asha said it was delicious.

  Or did they say that just to protect my feelings??hurmmmmm...suspiciousssss

   Okay who cares, I learnt from my mistakes!

More thinner and wider
More salt
More paprika
MORE olive oil

  Mama told me to make it oblong shaped..hee..okay Mama, thanks for the support. <3 you! :')

The Pondok

    It was 2 weeks ago when I was picking up the laundry from the clothesline when Ayah came home from work.We then talked about my scholarship and stuff. Yeah I got a scholarship, now I'm a degree student under the Surirumah Course at Kolej Lot 50,Taman Tenaga,Puchong. HAHAH! 1 month out of PLKN and I'm now serving my duty as anak mithali(konon).
   But that is deifnitely not the point, see suddenly Ayah said that he wanted to remodel the small patch of grass in front of the porch.
   I was like 'like what?'
   And Ayah said Mama wanted a pondok for Asha to play pondok2, Bali style.....
   Okay THAAATT wasn't exactly my reaction, but someplace close to that meme...

   And hey guess what, the next 3 days Uncle Lim showed up with his guys and they set to work.

   Okaaayyy guess the pondok idea is cool after all, there is the wind,and the sunset,and the romantic feeling,and the pondok2 mood, but thanks, i love my room and the kitchen sbb tkde nyamuk.haha
   BUUTTTT,seriously, the pondok is awesome!

    p.s.thanks Ayah :)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


These days are dark times, where only and carnage and misery are our friends, fairies and genies are just fairytale, the reality is, what is going around you, only the whitest of hearts will strive, or in my case, the darkest of hearts, numb and cold.


Did someone just hit me? Because I felt nothing, only echoes in my shell, I am safe and sound in my mental shell, from the artilleries and bombs, emotional invincibility has its price, you cut ties with the closest people around you.


The mind and heart can take only as much of brutal mauls and bruises till it's battered up and burnt to ashes. But beneath the flames rose another persona, with a new spirit, stronger than ever, resistant to the bludgeons and stabs.

Hanyir Is It?

        One true fact about me said out loud and clear, I love gastronomical adventures, well its just eating and sampling food from all places(HALAL of course). And in this post, i put the blame on my Mak Usu for introducing me to my fave food until now, Sushi!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pixel Art -Clone Trooper-

Again, addiction to Star Wars.. i know.. so nerdddd T.T
Clone Trooper

Warhol Experimentation

Apart from pixel art, I've always been interested in Warhol Effects. So yeah. Here's the outcome.
Star Wars has always been an inspiration for me.
And a a childhood memory
Ingat lagi termenung depan TV, mesmerised by Star Wars

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post For You : Chapter 1 Reenacted

*Background song : Yuna-Penakut(fits with the mood of the scene)*

        Scenery of Temerloh passes by through the window of the Durian Burung Bus, I peeked at the back seat, Madi was fast asleep with Ella beside him, and accompanied by leftovers of KFC. Well they look so cosy, unlike me, with my heart pounding as if its gonna burst out of my chest. I look so pathetic with my BabyMilo blue shirt and nerdy hair. And she was still in the schools 'batik' uniform.

        I look to my right, there was Dikna , again she was staring outside the window, her face was kind of calm, well secretly inside me i hoped she was feeling the same as i was(feeling like peeing in my pants). Girls weren't always my forte. But this time, she's an exception.

        She used to hate me when we first knew each other(I think so). Loud, yet funny and outgoing for a girl/woman. But still, we ended up being classmates for the semester and also a team for the Science Fair Project and ALSO SEM Type-3. SO YEAH, our history go back,wayy back.

        But the part which seemed to skip my mind was how did we ended up texting? And the next thing i know I was sitting in front of her when she cried about some people messing around with her laptop. And I handed her a tissue paper

        Well after that, time moved at hyperspeed and here I am in this chilly busride back to KL for the mid-semester breaks. And as I could recall, it was also the day Cikgu Nik Adib retired.

        4th June of 2010

        Just out of boredom, I took out my Kajang Highschool buku conteng and started drawing(a hobby). But then I found out there was nothing to draw, so i looked around, and looked at her. And I realized something, her eyes. So just like clockwork, I drew her eyes. the left one, with her eyelashes and eyebags, if i had some color, i'd shade the glint of brown in her eyes, not a fake contact lens, the way i like it.

       She said, it was beautiful, so i gestured her to scribble and doodle a few things too, which i forgot what she drew, but then i drew a pig, that personally made me laugh. The...

      Some sort of energy flowed through me, and i felt all the warmth. Butterflies started to flutter in my tummy. And my vision tunneled, I was in a state of ecstacy(I think).

      My pen suddenly had a life on its own, and the golden conversation was triggered

Me : will u be my gf?

      Well that was 1 year and 10 months ago, I haven't stared her straight in the eye for 5 months. I do miss the gaze. But all I know, the feelings I had for her now wasn't the same as before.

      They were more. :')

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I need a doctor
Or just someone
To sew me up
Patch my wounds
Wash the blood
Pull out the bullets
Give me oxygen
Wear me bandages
or if I die
Bury me
Say prayers
And forget me
Don't let me go
Don't leave me to bleed

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finally Something Clean(and about me)

Movie - Love And Other Drugs

Starring - Jake Gyllenhaal(as Jamie Randall)
             - Anne Hathaway(as Maggie Murdoch)

Jamie      - I'm knowingly full of shit, and because uhh, i have never cared about anybody, in my entire life,
                 and everybody just kinda accepted that.. That's just Jamie.. And then you..stutters*.. you.. you.. 
                 you didn't see me that way. I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough 
                 till I met you. And then you made me believe it too. So uhh.. Unfortunately, I need you, and you 
                 need me.
Maggie  - (on the verge of tears) No I don't
Jamie     - Yes you do
Maggie  - No I don't
Jamie     - YES you do
Maggie  - Stop it stop saying that (already in tears)
Jamie    - You need someone to take care of you
Maggie - NO I DON'T
Jamie    - Everybody does
Maggie - Silence*......I will need you more than you need me
Jamie    - That's okay 
Maggie  - No it's NOT!..It isn't FAIR! I have places to go
Jamie    - You'll go there, I may just have to carry you
Maggie  - I can't ask you to do that
Jamie    - You didn't

   A part in the movie that is clean and so touching. You see Maggie is actually a girl with Parkinsons in her 20's(or so) and Jake is just a bailed out med student suffering from ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder = much more like me) who is working as a successful medical supply salesman. And he accidentally fell in love with her and decided to put aside her illness and take care for her till the end knowing that many challenges await them ahead in life. So yeah, touching moment there. :'(

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Inspired from The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes ft Ryan Tedder    

       The pen kept clicking, disturbing the seemingly cold and awkward silence in the Principal's office. "Um, Mrs Ain, this isn't the first time he's been here because of his disciplinary problems…", and the endless babble about the school rules and discipline. June looked at his 12 year old son beside her, his face showed innocence- his eyes showed no regrets. But she knew he did it again, that's why she was called to the Principals Office for the umpteenth time.

    Just like any usual weekday, the day is hectic, sweaty and noisy, unlike the atmosphere in the car as it rolled down the streets of Bangi, it was silent and cold. "So Hakim, why did you get into a fight again today?" Ain asked, trying to fake a sporting tone, but didn't seem to fit with the golden question she was asking. That bad combination got a very cold "I don't know" from her son, which ended the conversation immediately. Both of them stayed silent throughout the 10 minutes journey home, a two bedroom apartment somewhere in Kajang.

    Ain stared from the kitchen, watching her son doing his homework in the living room. "Alah Ain, budak nak membesar.. that is usual," the jolly voice of her mother talking through the phone.

" But Makk, getting into fights in school IS NOT normal!"
"Then tanyalah dia kenapa he gets into fight?"
"He won't tell"
"Then be patient, doa banyak-banyak bagi hati dia lembut, he is much like his father"
"Yeah, yes he is," Ain said slowly and hung up the phone.

       Her ablution took of the heat from her body, giving her a surge of calmness flowing around her body. She performed her Maghrib prayers then continued to pray, it was her secret between God and herself.

      That night dinner was quiet, only sounds of cutleries and the cicadas were heard from their shabby yet peaceful abode. And as she tucked Hakim to sleep, suddenly his one and only son asked, "Mum, can you tell me a story?Please?"

      Ain was gobsmacked, out of the blue, a really challenging request, "Well.." her mind raced quickly, and when she found her tongue again, her tongue suddenly got a life of its own.

      "There was once a boy, he hailed from somewhere far far away, his eyes were hazel, his hair was jet black and always had a slight curl at its end. He was very very poor, his father died a long long time ago.

       Having only a few clothes and some money, he left his village to the big big city, where the buildings stand with such monstrosity, and the people are of different skin color and languages. Where hopes and dreams can become reality or just a mere fantasy."

      Hakim's eyes became round, just like the full moon that shone through the window pane, full of interest, she took a pause, then continued.

       "He became a 'superhero', with his dark blue costume! He fights bad bad BAD people with his other superheroes!"

       "Can he fly?Can he fly?"

        "Noo, he can't..but he had this white supercar that went VROOM! With the red and blue lights, when the bad people see him and heard him, they all run away helter skelter!" and she tickled Hakim, which sent him giggling."And ONE day, he was walking, then he heard someone shouted HELP!HELP!HELP!, he saw a damsel in distress shouting, her handbag had been snatched. So he quickly sprung into action! He ran like the wind through the streets of the city. And with a quick jump, he sent bad guy falling on the sidewalk!" Ain continued her story while reenacting the action with 2 of Hakim's action figures.

         "And just like that, he gave the handbag back to the woman, and as their hands brushed against each other, they fell in love."

         "Let me guess, they lived happily ever after?" again Hakim interrupted, with his face resembling the trollface from

         "Yes, yes they did, they had a son, he was cute, with hazel eyes just like his father, and a nose just like him" And Ain pinched Hakim's buttonlike nose."OUCH!" He shrieked.

         "But one day, something tragic happened, an old man forgot to turn off his kitchen, one thing led to another, his whole house went ablaze. And the superhero woke up in the middle of the night and smelt smoke, the inferno had moved to their house too. He hastily jumped from the bed and opened the bedroom door, only to find out half of the house is on fire. He woke up his darling wife and told her to relax and not panic. He then used his superstrength to open the grill, it burnt his hands real bad, but he managed to get his wife out from the house. Then he went through the door to save their little baby boy."

        "Then?" Hakim asked anxiously

           "He didn't make it.. the other superheroes in red and black costumes found him the next day, with many stones and wood on him, he used his last superstrength to protect the one he loved the most" Ain took a deep breath, in sounded shaky, then continued, "Under his body they found a baby, still safely sleeping, unhurt except for a burn on his arm."."So he sacrificed himself for his son?" Asked Hakim,. "Yes, and I, sacrificed myself to bail you out from the Principal's office!"

        "They we're disturbing my classmate." Hakim suddenly said.
         "What?" Ain said, hardly believing her ears.
         "The guys we're disturbing June, the small girl, they took her bag, I took it back  from them"
          "Oh, okay, I will talk about it with your Principal tomorrow," Ain replied, acting not to be surprised.
         "Mom, I want to be like the superhero in the story." Hakim said, with a promising glint in his eyes.

          "You will be okay?You are one already" She sid softly and pecked his son on the forehead before shutting of the lights and exiting the room. Before she left, she glanced at her son, eyes already shut, with his hand exposed, she saw the burn scar on his arm, she recognized it too well.

         "Hey Mom," Hakim suddenly said from the darkness.
          "The superhero is actually a policeman right?"
          Ain grinned, "Goodnight".

           Outside, in held out a locket, it was the only thing besides her little boy that meant the world to her, a old heart shaped locket, with all its fine carvings. She opened the locket, revealing a small picture of a man in his 30's, his long brown hair slightly closing his right eye, with a smile that showed a line of pearly white teeth, the perfect smile, the smile that was the cure of all pain to her, and not to forget the hazel eyes that stared at her with such curiosity while he handed her handbag from the snatchthief. Her husband's soul may be somewhere far away, somewhere unknown, but she knows that he's happy and contempt, his last deed in life was only of a man with such a magnitude of love that it could crush the mountains and dry the seas could complete, her superhero in dark blue, with a big heart. And somehow, the heart of a lion that he had managed to be carried on to his flesh and blood, who happens to be sleeping in the very house she is in. Ain wiped a bead of tear on her cheek, "Faiz, he wants to be just like you". And that night, Ain slept well, knowing that she had a lion in her humble abode, brave and protective, a fighter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chitchat Over Mountain Dew

         Driving license classes started today. Well shitty as people say, 5 hours in a poorly air conditioned room with strangers. But alhamdulillah, the lecturer is funny! So the class was not much of a bore. Mum didn't left me any money for lunch, so at first nak puasa. But then my mind flew to the incident that morning.

        There I was in Puchong Prima, jaywalking along the shophouses, then stopped in front of a KFC. "Hey! Hakim works here!*Brings out cellphone, calls Hakim*. I met him just for 2 minutes, he was late for work.  =.='.

         At just as i came back to reality, a lighbulb appeared on my head! Of course it was just merely a piece of my imagination running wild but its just for you to get the message that "I GOT AN IDEA"

         So I got out my phone and texted:
Me : lpas ni blanja aku KFC hakim!
Hakim : Boleh tapi kau kena blikan aku Nasi Goreng Cina
Me : No hal!tapi asal kau tk mkn KFC je?
Hakim : Nasik KFC tak sdap
Me : settle!

         After class finished at 5.00 p.m, I rushed to the mamak at the corner and ordered a Chines fried rice and ran back to perform Asar prayers. By the time I came back, it was done! And i rushed to the KFC just at a block away.

         He got me a hot steamy Dinner Plate and he asked for a break. We talked and talked and talked.

         The last time we met was last year when I was being suspended from school for beating up my form 3 juniors. So yeah, lotsa things to reminisce and chat about. He enjoyed his N.G.Cina with a KFC chicken.

         He hasn't changed much since form 1, still the blurfaced guy with an innocent face and childlike manner, at times very wacky and funny. But who'd have known he's an artist, an international one too. He beated a Japanese artist once. And FYI, he was my sifu when i became engrossed in arts and doodles and stuff. Well it actually runs in his family because all of his siblings are good in arts.

         Crushes, Family, Friends, Work, Studies, Future. We talked about those things and some other stuff.

Does this look right? XD

Yeah,still the crazy him


My(our) 4th cup of Mountain Dew


      Time moves in hyperspeed when ure too absorbed in what you're doing. As I looked at my watched, It was already 6.45. So I hastily packed my bags, and Hakim said his goodbyes. I stole a view at the counter and saw him at the back of the kitchen breading chickens again. And I thought, yeah, I'll see him doing that again and again until I finish getting my license. But as I walked out, I realized, WTF I ate 3 KFC CHICKENS!?*me gusta*my diet is ruined...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dat Kitten!

       I was sweeping the front porch, being all rajin liddat, when i saw a kitten. Oh that furball! Brown and all fuzzy wuzzy. Okay thats geli. But yeah, I can't stand cuteness.
The Window
    Tha kitten was like, everywhere i sapu, there she was, playing, frolicking around. And she kept jumping on the windowsill, hitting the window. Nak penyekkan muka eh? So boleh jadi Kucing Parsi?

She was moving too fast
    Everytime i knelt down to snap, she would run towards the camera in enthusiasm. Suka sangat camwhore eh? Samalah macam aku, haaa! XD

At the back of the house

See? even cats LIKE barangan Malaysia
Curiosity took her to sniffing the broom
   Well maybe it's because the house is a clutter(The house just finished renovation) that made her interested in exploring.

I chased her around the house =.='
The blue collar is cute XD
Preparing to jump
    So in the end, i got the whole house swept and the kitten followed me, tagging along and kept me company. And I snapped pics of her around the house, it's hard to find a good angle cuz she's a dang kitten! You guys should know that a kitten is hyperactive. One second she's on the windowsill, the next second she is in the drain, and the next second she is rubbing against my leg. 

    That got me thinking... Um Ayah!! Can I be a nature photographer? I can work with you? And and and you pay me? Camera? You got a Canon kan? Hihihi just joking.


Monday, April 2, 2012

PLKN : Red One

        Editing a photo using Photoshop is fun. Especially when you get to experiment with new effects. But the Photoshop thing can wait. Meet my company. 57 guys and 44 girls who were chosen to be in my company throughout my National Service Program. And if you can spot me(front row), the person at my right(which is your left) is someone who inspired me. A great leader, a good leader, he was a one in a million and had guided me and all of us through the shiz they dish out here. I mean who stands in the sun for an hour while his company is lining up for food? Who is the last one to get food, it is him. Which reminds me on a phrase given by our Penghulu "Berbakti biar nak mati, tak mengharap dipuji". :')

From The Leader's Right Man

Pics in Hidden Drawers : Dramafest 2010

Back in 2010, the teachers from the Language Department briefed us about Language Week.
I got into the audition with people who i didn't even know their names
Well I got a place as an actor including some other fellow students who were much more talented
And we were the 2010 representative for Dramafest in Language Week Zone Level 2010 in MRSM Jeli
We busted our bums with the props people, the script, the costumes,choreography and all the other shiz
And to be frank, I flunked 1 exams for Dramafest.

A practice session in the preparation room(class)
    We arrived in MRSM Jeli finding out that it is an MRSM in a middle of the woods, surrounded by hills and forests which are said to house the magnificent Malaysian Tiger or Pak Belang. I mean, we found out there is a signboard which said "Caution, Pak Belang" in the Nature Garden of the MRSM. Ain't that awesome or what?(besides the fact it is totally in PEDALAMAN!)

 We used the preparation room real well, practice and practice folloed by more practice. But we kind of hated the 'assabiah'(Berpuak-puak) attitudes of other MRSMs such as Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Putra, and others. Some of their preparation room got bouncers(diorang ingat KELAB MALAM?) who hold brooms and chase anyone trying to steal a glance(how to intai when they all covered their windows with paper!?). heh nutheads.
A bling-blinged up Wawa(mah twinn Jafarina!)
Witches,Queen,Jasmine,Anya,Jafarina, and the Sound Manager

 Well the pic above was actually moments before our performance started. Everyone was slapped up with thick makeup and our consecutive costumes. Everyone was like Pak Arab n Mak Arab =__='

Tha stage and on the ground is our fallen backdrop..dangg

  I was like shaking when we were on stage. Everyone was nervous although they did give us time to get familiar with the stage the previous day. But still, we were nervous. And to tell you the truth, when it was our turn, our 35 minute drama felt like 5 minutes. And as soon as we knew it, the electric powered curtains(fuyooo) were closed. We knew we did our best, minus the part where Lokman(Aladdin) said "SHIT" on stage. That was hilarious but the judges didn't hear us, and I rolled down from the stage(over dramatic) and everyone was like, FO REAL DUDE!? hohoho Lokman and Zariff kept supporting me to do that stunt to earn extra marks but risking disqualification. LOL
See the similarity?sluurrrpp!
Sluurrpppp! comment

Make-up Level : Zone
Trust me,Dayah is happy go lucky, not a witch in real life. :)

A surprised Jafar(i still got makeup on me)
Dayah: Cuz I'm cool LIDDAT!
  Mummy(Actually Teacher Shazlin) brought us to the cafeteria to get refreshments, she told us not to watch other performances as it may ruin our mood. So we got drinks, Lokman got his drug, Teh Ais(he had been craving for teh ais since the bus started rolling out of the confines of the school). But then at least its teh ais and not booze. XD


Whole Drama Family!

Told ya were the best :)
All contingents of MRSM Kuantan
As the winners were being announced, Kuantan was the loudest to cheer,
We were like WIILLDDDD
Tepuk Tepuk Kuantan Boleh!
*clap clap* Kuantan *clap clap* Boleh *clap clap* KUANTAN BOLEH
But the fruits of our sacrifice were sweet
We got:
Best Actor
Best Director
Best Drama
And at thet point we realized, WERE GOING TO THE NATIONALSS!?
So we busted up our bums again(poor us)
Improving everything
Upgrading everything
Detailing everything
And I flunked another exam for Dramafest(LOL)

     And as we arrived at MRSM KKB, We were armed,ready and dangerous(Terminator much?). The welcoming ceremony was really cool, with 'kompangs' beating out loud, and gongs, and all the red carpet and stuff(terasa mcm VIP datang kenduri kahwin). And the hostel was cool! it had 4 beds and the air circulaion was good till when you left the room in a chilly morning and you return at dusk, the room is still as cool as when we left(NO AIRCONDS!ONLY FANS!). And we had to break open a few lockers to find bed spreads,hangers, pillows and sejadah to pray. Sorry KKB-ians.

      Met O't's friends from KK, wtf they play futsal like damn devils. And Al(Lokman) and me played basketball. I then met a childhood friend of mine. His mom was the reason that my parents are together now. :)

       It was like life at college, did our prayers then sleep till 8.30,got out to get breakfast and on the way got scolded by an idiotic warden. to Al if ure reading this, remember Poji?dang azzhole. XD

       We found a place to do our practice because the management said that they couldn't supply us with a bilik persediaan due to classes being used for Debate and Debate Competition.
We converted the bus parking to a practice
     The night after our arrival, it was then time to draw turns. And as I was shaking my legs in the urusetia area hoping for a good number, the family waited outside and snapped a few pics and got some munchies to eat(the food stalls here are aplenty and the food is good. Also to our surprise, an A&W van suddenly parked in front of the main building and set up shop, we got hotdogs, fries and all the good fattening stuff)
Meet mah family :)
   Most of our practice time were spent with practice and improvements. But we got bored because of the same script we've been working on since FOREVUHHH! So yeah, confidently, we goofed around (just a bit! Some guilty pleasures are allowed right? hihihihi)

Ot at his best XD
I looked thin, we had a change in sound manager, meet ZAIDI!(purple shirt)
I forgot who bought bubbles but yeah, had fun playin with it
See? Like kids far before puberty
One of the memories I'll keep :')
Mah Big Baby Zaidi
    That night we were lepak lepak-ing. Ami found Maisarah, who was her schoolmate and once a rival in the District Level Science Competition when i was a student in Kajang Highschool
Ami's trademark pose
Lepak-ing in the middle of the night at the Dewan Makan.. It had Wifi 0.0
   Showtime! And masa tu lah we started to get nervous. So we transported the props via Wawa's Mum's Car to the hall up the hill. No way we're gonna carry all the stuff up the Tangga Batu Caves with all our costumes and makeup =.='
Our Best Supporting Actress..Wearing a rented dress 0.0
My makeup was thicker than before 
Also,back with thicker make-up. AMI! Witch Number 1
This ninja wannabe is actually the Sultan. Aiman..LIKE A BOSS
I told Al not to wear any inner, but he insisted sebab malu
And Zaidi as cute as usual :D
Make-up Level : National
I think he's high on too much Nasi Goreng

      The hall was much bigger than MRSM Jeli, and the stage was much bigger! So we had to adapt quickly. We tested our voice, the sound system and stuff. Everything went okay. And thank God, the backdrop didn't fell like before when we were in the Zone Level.

      All the other MRSMs also performed their best. It was really hard to make out the winners because everyone was at the same level. Their weaknesses covered up by their own strengths. Our strength? We had Slow-Mo effect! We had a really REALLY long broom! We had Gold Coins! We had a Magic Mirror! We had an actress who had an acting and voice that could make your hair stand. AND! she turned out to be the Best Supporting Actress, yeah, she's Syaida. A;so we had an actor who never followed the script and always making new jokes, he fits well as the Genie, yeah, he's Ot.

Well total victory wasn't on our side
We got
Best Supporting Actress
Best Runner-Up Drama

     I cried a tear when the bus left KKB for our journey back to Kuantan. I knew it was the end of our happy times together and back into a life of homeworks and assignments. We would all retreat back to our life as MRSM students, making ends meet. I knew we would not be the same again. It was just like very sweet dream, except you know when it started and you know when it ended, and when you wake up, you only remember merely fragments and shards of it. Well, as nostalgic and as sweet as it is, we could move nowhere but ahead in our lives. But I always keep a hope in my heart that our paths will converge again, someday, not today but someday...

To The Best Of Us,The Drama Family 
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