Monday, April 23, 2012

The Pondok

    It was 2 weeks ago when I was picking up the laundry from the clothesline when Ayah came home from work.We then talked about my scholarship and stuff. Yeah I got a scholarship, now I'm a degree student under the Surirumah Course at Kolej Lot 50,Taman Tenaga,Puchong. HAHAH! 1 month out of PLKN and I'm now serving my duty as anak mithali(konon).
   But that is deifnitely not the point, see suddenly Ayah said that he wanted to remodel the small patch of grass in front of the porch.
   I was like 'like what?'
   And Ayah said Mama wanted a pondok for Asha to play pondok2, Bali style.....
   Okay THAAATT wasn't exactly my reaction, but someplace close to that meme...

   And hey guess what, the next 3 days Uncle Lim showed up with his guys and they set to work.

   Okaaayyy guess the pondok idea is cool after all, there is the wind,and the sunset,and the romantic feeling,and the pondok2 mood, but thanks, i love my room and the kitchen sbb tkde nyamuk.haha
   BUUTTTT,seriously, the pondok is awesome!

    p.s.thanks Ayah :)


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