Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post For You : Chapter 1 Reenacted

*Background song : Yuna-Penakut(fits with the mood of the scene)*

        Scenery of Temerloh passes by through the window of the Durian Burung Bus, I peeked at the back seat, Madi was fast asleep with Ella beside him, and accompanied by leftovers of KFC. Well they look so cosy, unlike me, with my heart pounding as if its gonna burst out of my chest. I look so pathetic with my BabyMilo blue shirt and nerdy hair. And she was still in the schools 'batik' uniform.

        I look to my right, there was Dikna , again she was staring outside the window, her face was kind of calm, well secretly inside me i hoped she was feeling the same as i was(feeling like peeing in my pants). Girls weren't always my forte. But this time, she's an exception.

        She used to hate me when we first knew each other(I think so). Loud, yet funny and outgoing for a girl/woman. But still, we ended up being classmates for the semester and also a team for the Science Fair Project and ALSO SEM Type-3. SO YEAH, our history go back,wayy back.

        But the part which seemed to skip my mind was how did we ended up texting? And the next thing i know I was sitting in front of her when she cried about some people messing around with her laptop. And I handed her a tissue paper

        Well after that, time moved at hyperspeed and here I am in this chilly busride back to KL for the mid-semester breaks. And as I could recall, it was also the day Cikgu Nik Adib retired.

        4th June of 2010

        Just out of boredom, I took out my Kajang Highschool buku conteng and started drawing(a hobby). But then I found out there was nothing to draw, so i looked around, and looked at her. And I realized something, her eyes. So just like clockwork, I drew her eyes. the left one, with her eyelashes and eyebags, if i had some color, i'd shade the glint of brown in her eyes, not a fake contact lens, the way i like it.

       She said, it was beautiful, so i gestured her to scribble and doodle a few things too, which i forgot what she drew, but then i drew a pig, that personally made me laugh. The...

      Some sort of energy flowed through me, and i felt all the warmth. Butterflies started to flutter in my tummy. And my vision tunneled, I was in a state of ecstacy(I think).

      My pen suddenly had a life on its own, and the golden conversation was triggered

Me : will u be my gf?

      Well that was 1 year and 10 months ago, I haven't stared her straight in the eye for 5 months. I do miss the gaze. But all I know, the feelings I had for her now wasn't the same as before.

      They were more. :')

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