Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chitchat Over Mountain Dew

         Driving license classes started today. Well shitty as people say, 5 hours in a poorly air conditioned room with strangers. But alhamdulillah, the lecturer is funny! So the class was not much of a bore. Mum didn't left me any money for lunch, so at first nak puasa. But then my mind flew to the incident that morning.

        There I was in Puchong Prima, jaywalking along the shophouses, then stopped in front of a KFC. "Hey! Hakim works here!*Brings out cellphone, calls Hakim*. I met him just for 2 minutes, he was late for work.  =.='.

         At just as i came back to reality, a lighbulb appeared on my head! Of course it was just merely a piece of my imagination running wild but its just for you to get the message that "I GOT AN IDEA"

         So I got out my phone and texted:
Me : lpas ni blanja aku KFC hakim!
Hakim : Boleh tapi kau kena blikan aku Nasi Goreng Cina
Me : No hal!tapi asal kau tk mkn KFC je?
Hakim : Nasik KFC tak sdap
Me : settle!

         After class finished at 5.00 p.m, I rushed to the mamak at the corner and ordered a Chines fried rice and ran back to perform Asar prayers. By the time I came back, it was done! And i rushed to the KFC just at a block away.

         He got me a hot steamy Dinner Plate and he asked for a break. We talked and talked and talked.

         The last time we met was last year when I was being suspended from school for beating up my form 3 juniors. So yeah, lotsa things to reminisce and chat about. He enjoyed his N.G.Cina with a KFC chicken.

         He hasn't changed much since form 1, still the blurfaced guy with an innocent face and childlike manner, at times very wacky and funny. But who'd have known he's an artist, an international one too. He beated a Japanese artist once. And FYI, he was my sifu when i became engrossed in arts and doodles and stuff. Well it actually runs in his family because all of his siblings are good in arts.

         Crushes, Family, Friends, Work, Studies, Future. We talked about those things and some other stuff.

Does this look right? XD

Yeah,still the crazy him


My(our) 4th cup of Mountain Dew


      Time moves in hyperspeed when ure too absorbed in what you're doing. As I looked at my watched, It was already 6.45. So I hastily packed my bags, and Hakim said his goodbyes. I stole a view at the counter and saw him at the back of the kitchen breading chickens again. And I thought, yeah, I'll see him doing that again and again until I finish getting my license. But as I walked out, I realized, WTF I ate 3 KFC CHICKENS!?*me gusta*my diet is ruined...

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