Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I've migrated

No man will ever step in the same river twice. Both the man and the river will never be the same as before.

you can still reach my weird side. but at another river

Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Belated Parents Day

In the future, if you ask me on why do I choose to come here,
I'll look at you in the eyes, and tell you;
"If I've been living far away from my parents since a young age ,
won't you think I would someday not want to live near my parents."

There's a reason why I would walk a thousand miles for you.

after the hi(gh)atus

"It is a bad idea"

"It's 4.20PM"


We were on the couch, in our own worlds,  in our own bubble, and In the tank that is our little room. The white noise of the fan calms the fade.

Chill shit just kept playin. Spekears loud they're boomin.

"how hi r u?"

"I'm there"

We ripped another.


"It's 4:20AM"

"Was it a bad idea?"

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Waiting For Angels

Tonight, a part of me never left NYC. I've seen enough of faces for the day. Keeping my head up, I walked down its streets and avenues, I admired the snowstorm illuminated by the neon lights. Reminds me of those cold faces masked by their beautiful clothes. I enjoy the sting as drop by drop, snow hit my face.Physical pain never felt sweeter. It shows that I'm just human. Just another human. Human; A conscious mass that would be no different than the ground after introduced to a speeding car. I crave unconsciousness. Let everything slip into oblivion. All of life. Its ugliness. Its pains. Its beauty. Its imperfectly perfect beauty. I've heard that angels are beautiful. Still waiting to crash; let me say hello to those divine beauties.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


If I could draw,
I would turn graphite to diamonds,
Draw my heart out on canvases
Sketch wonders with graceful strokes,

If I could sing,
I would turn feelings to sounds
Strum heartbeats into soothing melodies
Sing people songs that moves emotions,

If I could write,
I would write you a poem,
String words into a heartmelting bouquet
Turn silent words into butterflies in bellies

Rainbows can be seen, sung, and read.
Tears can be in ink, melodies, and pictures
Let your ideas run wild
Expression doesn't deserve suppression

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Alas, a grim dawn has come. I am Vesuvius. The toilet bowl is Pompeii. Last night's Chicken Tikka Masala is molten fiery lava. I am Pompeii's final reckoning; exacting punishment from above. None shall escape the inevitable - neither the sinful nor the innocent. Let the noses of the unfortunate witness this divine destruction I bring to this land. Pray that those above have mercy on their souls.

Godlike satisfaction.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Unconditional Bonds

Up till now, I still wonder on how frequent it is to witness or have unconditional friendships. Indeed, I believe that the most sacred of all bonds are those that are unconditional : unconditional love, unconditional friendships, unconditional faith.

Perhaps it is because of the bond formed out of pure feelings with no strings attached, nothing at stake on the table, and nothing to gain that makes it so long-lasting. Hell, some of these bonds are so strong that not even time affects it; the feelings just go dormant. Due time, the flame of friendship pops out like nothing ever changed.

If I were to give an honest opinion, the best friends I have ever had were the ones I met in lower secondary school. Well, maybe the fact that we bathed, ate, and slept together played a big part in fostering that brotherhood, but nevertheless, it was formed without any self-interest - unconditional.

After those 3 memorable years, I was then introduced to reality. The reality that to have friends is to have something to give in return for the friendship. Unconditional friendships are only stumbled upon once in a blue moon. The rarity is then exacerbated by our attachment to online media. Thus, leading to an environment that is so hostile towards true friendship.

In venting out my repressed anger, I wish to deduce from my own experiences that as the amount of brain increases, friendship values decreases. I would choose befriending the school gangster because they believe that the people around them are the ones keeping their hidden broken pieces together. I have had 2 enemies who became my best friends because after you get through that rough and rude exterior, what you'll see is a gentle person that will go through extreme lengths to save you.