Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UKM Animal Care Lab Lepak

After Subuh, Ayah knocked on the door asking if I would go out for breakfast with him. I said yes and found myself WhatsApp-ing over a glass of Teh-O-Ais-Limau while waiting for ayah to complete his 3 round jog around the park nearby. We had a hearty breakfast and I thought of following Ayah to work because he had some new mice coming in today which needed attending to in the evening.

After a few DotA games, Ayah was already ready, we drove to UKM and proceeded to the Animal Care Laboratory somewhere deep in UKM. Ayah said the Animal Care Laboratory and Animal Research Laboratory must be located far from human contact to ensure none of the diseases or ailments tested here can spread to human beings.

Actually I was kind of lucky today because Ayah got a new officer, so he had to show her around the facility that day to get her accustomed to the things going on there.

And as the standard operating procedure set by Ayah himself(yes, he's in charge of the Animal Labs around here -_-') To enter the animal chambers, every single person must undergo decontamination, meaning we had to take a bath and change into sterilised lab apparel. And he told me I had to take off everything, and by everything he meant EVERYTHING!

At first i was surprised because what I had in mind was

But then I found out that the bundle of lab apparel i got included a sterilised boxer.So yeah, confidence RESTORED!

So i then changed from
le clothing in box

 So the lab was separated into 2 wings, the forst one we entered was the breeding chamber where there are 4 small rooms. In these rooms are racks filled with small containers with different rodents. There are the Balb-C mice and ICR mice (you can't distinguish them both physically cuz they're only different genetically) and there are also hamsters(CUUUTTEE!). Oh not to forget huge white rats with red eyes(but seriously they're cute...until they're tested or dissected).

And in the other wing is the research wing where PhD and Masters students do research on these rodents. among them are tissue culture where you grow human organs on mice or rats. Or you test cures of cancer on hairless mice or Nude Mice as Ayah called them.

And believe me when i asked how much does a mice cost, I can't believe it when he said they cost RM50.00 each. I mean, a 10 gram mice for RM50. But then I knew why they were so dang expensive. You see.

Cage               : imported from USA
Food               : imported from Australia
Corn Bedding  : imported from Egypt
Water              : filtered 3 times, then boiled at 121 degrees
Air                   : controlled air conditioning, filtered air, filtering maintained monthly(the air they breathe is
                          VERY clean)

So yeah,they get treated like kings before beig tested upon,verrryy epic.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The 'How Far?' Question

How far would you go for something? Will you reach out to the near-impossible to achieve something you want? Or would you just flake out in the middle of the struggle assuming the something you're chasing is like chasing your own tail?

Here is something to provoke thought
It amazes me when someone would even sacrifice themselves for others, the nearest example yet most keep oblivious to is the love and passion from mothers to their children. Okay I bet not many children would take a bullet for their Mum, But I can assure you 90% of the woman labeled as Mamas, Mothers, Mummy, Mak, Ibu or even Bonda would even take a nuclear bomb for their child. (oh so much exaggeration.me love!)

Remember the WW2 days?Where we heard tales of chivalry and noble hearts on the battlefield? No? Seriously?Because if you don't, then by the power invested in me, I hereby present you with the Douche Of The Century Award and i award you this Dunce Cap.
LOL IM JUST JOKING! So if I may,could i interest you in these books just to spark a little bit of patriotism and sense of gratitude to the unsung heroes of the past.

Ahh..I remember drooling and frying my brains out with these books once

But then.

Remember this guy?

It can't be denied that different people have different views on this topic. It is up to us to ask ourselves the question, how far can we go for something ?

But to me, my biggest 'how far' question was always this.

How far will I go for my religion?
And the answer that i chose was 
Tepuk dada tanya iman
Insya-Allah i'll have the chance to die for my religion.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tail Dusts

Again, mentally sweeping the dusts from this blog and wishing my ‘pendeta’ like ideas would just write themselves in this blog. Seriously I feel like I don’t have enough time to just sit down and blog these days. The schedules are too tight, the obligations are plenty and WTH I need to  walk almost EVERYWHERE! I mean the toilet is 5647382KM away, and to get lunch, its another 364843KM walk. Y U NO SMALL UPM?

Joel forgot his wallet, maybe it grew legs and ran away. That is a good and creative excuse just not to get him too worked out (or cry). But then I still feel detached from my boody, frequently looking outside the bus, wondering why this and why that. Too much questions, too little time to think. I wish I was a genius like my friends (Joel is a genius…kot -____-‘).

The exams are next week, but I don't think I'll be here by then.
Hello new world :'(

Class started at 9 today and I’m free at  11 till the rest of the day. I need to talk to someone. Someone who'll ask my how are you today, and how's your life? how's your love life? and we'll chat until the awkward silence comes. And by that time. I'll be smiling with happiness and contempt.

Countless friends till you can't remember their names is better than noone you can name at all.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Much Win

Onlining using the lecture hall's PC..hoho i feel so bad (lame)

24 Months, 2 People

Happy 2nd Year Anniv :)
Donno wat to say

143 to the power of 998778757646527368376185381

So yeah. Heres to you, Nurul Husna
Please take center stage in the theatre of my life.
As my Juliet