Monday, June 18, 2012

The 'How Far?' Question

How far would you go for something? Will you reach out to the near-impossible to achieve something you want? Or would you just flake out in the middle of the struggle assuming the something you're chasing is like chasing your own tail?

Here is something to provoke thought
It amazes me when someone would even sacrifice themselves for others, the nearest example yet most keep oblivious to is the love and passion from mothers to their children. Okay I bet not many children would take a bullet for their Mum, But I can assure you 90% of the woman labeled as Mamas, Mothers, Mummy, Mak, Ibu or even Bonda would even take a nuclear bomb for their child. (oh so much love!)

Remember the WW2 days?Where we heard tales of chivalry and noble hearts on the battlefield? No? Seriously?Because if you don't, then by the power invested in me, I hereby present you with the Douche Of The Century Award and i award you this Dunce Cap.
LOL IM JUST JOKING! So if I may,could i interest you in these books just to spark a little bit of patriotism and sense of gratitude to the unsung heroes of the past.

Ahh..I remember drooling and frying my brains out with these books once

But then.

Remember this guy?

It can't be denied that different people have different views on this topic. It is up to us to ask ourselves the question, how far can we go for something ?

But to me, my biggest 'how far' question was always this.

How far will I go for my religion?
And the answer that i chose was 
Tepuk dada tanya iman
Insya-Allah i'll have the chance to die for my religion.

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