Friday, March 30, 2012

Pics In Hidden Drawers : My Room H9

I miss my room in MRSM Kuantan
With the variety of ragam manusia in there
But the main model in this pic is O't
Apa khabar dia skang eh?
That makes me wonder
Okay add in to do list : Call O't
Bottom left(only locker visible) : Arifis
Middle Left : Hafiz Muzahid's
Upper Left  : Azri's
Upper Middle : Mine
Middle Right : Ot's
Bottom Right(not visible) : Abe Din's(his bed is classified because he is a Taiko)
Bottom Middle(where pic is taken) : Hariz's

And the guy fondling with the lappy,that's Ot
And that's Hariz's laptop
Always been a pain in the bontot to play DOTA in his laptop 0.0
But yeah better than nothing
Okay my watch is showing 7.05 p.m
Gotta go mandi


A few songs inspired me today to write a few stories
Part Of Me - Katy Perry
The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes ft Ryan Tedder(One Republic)
Tonight  - Fun.: ft Janelle Monae

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have a big family
Of 135 brothas and sistahs
Yeah of course shit happens
But we're still happy and contempt
Oh and did you know we rocked last year?
Seriously I miss the memories :')
And I was bored,so I Photoshopped the memories XD
So yeah
Love yah guys

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Devouring The Monster(Burger)

Received an IM from Zulqarnain Zaba(Anas/Big Cuz/Big Boss/Tahfiz/4 Flat).
     Anas : Jom pi makan Burger Bakar
     Me    : Dafuq?Burger Bakar?
Well anyway I agreed,we wanted to send his lil bro(well not so lil) back to UIA
So he picked me up at my house somewhere at 7.16 p.m
Did our prayers at Masjid Sri Petaling
Then went to Ampang to the burger stall.
At first I thought
"burger je pun, asal sampai branch pun dah sesak macam lalat kerumun tahi?"(while doin my Jackie Chan meme face)

Just Promotin

Ramai weh org beratur
Another shot at the line

Juicy Homemade Patties
    We waited half an hour just to place a dang order..AND DIA BAGI NOMBOR!(GERAI BURGER MANA YANG KENA AMEK NOMBOR!!??). And it took us another half an hour to get the burgers done.
    We ordered 4 double normal and 2 single normal(THEY COSTED US RM67!). You can actually add cheese but kitorang was-was, so yeah no cheese. And they also got Baconizers, which was simply the burger but they put beef bacon strips on top of the patties. The default is one patty, but burn some RMs and you can add another patty(which makes it a double,like mine,refer below pics). Not enough?You can keep adding patties up to your liking. There are pics of people ordering a burger stacked with 6 patties(Mulut diorang tu normal ke bentuk macam penyodok traktor?).

    Oh yeah, another fact about the patties is that they're handmade-which makes them special-which explains why they're such a hit in KL. And theyre twice as large as normal Ramlee patties. And they taste better, the patties kind of have a secret blend of spices in it(cuz when it melts in your mouth, lotsa textures filled my mouth cavity..HEAVENNNN)

   I can tell you if Burger Bakar patties meets Ramlee patties, they'll have a conversation like this
        BBP(Burger Bakar Patties)
        RP   (Ramlee Patties)

BBP : Chicks dig me cuz I'm huge and hot!
RP : *amazed,then explodes*
.....okay back to the cecite

So back at home(it was 11.30 p.m), 
Mum was like "Besonye burger ni Syuk". 
And I was like,"yeah,this is mah dinner". 
And she was like, "Banyaknya cholesterol"
And me, "*paused for a while*....biarlah,esok boleh jogging"
p.s Sorry Dikna,my nafsu makan is uncontrollable.theeheee :B
Sneak peak.LOL

The efff...Its huge.AND IT COSTED RM13!!

I ate half of it,and it's still the size of my fist


Pics In Hidden Drawers : Pulau Kapas

Dug through my PC's files(it needed cleanup)
So saw old pictures
The seconds and moments that were frozen
Into Megabytes and Kilobytes
Though megabytes and kilobytes to us are useless
But the form it takes, as pictures or just as virus or songs,
Is what makes it priceless
Well, because it's just "kenangan"
Well not to mention Ayah let me use hi Fujifilm Semi-Pro DSLR..
So yeah, I rogol-ed the cam XD
Add caption

Just a section of a beach

using old canoes as hiasan..creative

U only see dis in kampungs and here!

Botol susu besaaaarr

nice body art

okay the angle is good(I THINK!)

Asa (lil sis)


This insect landed beside my selipar jepun

Imma dentist,doing mouth surgery on my Molten Man

90% complete Molten Man

Adik(lil bro) with Molten Man

Fat Man(me) with Molten Man

Molten Man meets beach

Rustic view of the resort's lobby(i forgot the name)

Abandoned chalets(they were simple and cute)

oh so bulat T.T

Submerged Mohawk


Fave scene..Sunsets!!

Submerged Mohawk admiring sunset

No comment

Me gusta

this was actually where i made Molten Man(dah hancur)

Side Scenes : Masjid Kristal

Dad pointing directions..LIKE A BOSS

Mum and Sis

couldn't get the best lighting

Wait..I'm not in this frame.oh yeah. i snapped the pic

Drip Drip

say whuut?

So random

kau ingat cute?


kenot camwhore *sobs*..sbb kena snap

Mah feberet

Sorry kalau leher sakit tgok this pic

The istana's name is kind of perverted.. 0.0

but wtf i care.snapsnapsnap!