Friday, March 23, 2012

PLKN : The Caterpillar

    Loose weary shuffles echo throughout the atmosphere of the cold damp morning. The footsteps are all headed out from the marching field. Faces of different colors but same hair and scarf are around me, all have their heads down, as if they would kiss the earth any moment, exhaustion was clearly written on their faces, their eyes are still droopy, longing for the softness of the bed and the welcoming warm embrace of their blankets. Yet some of them still have the strength in them to lift their faces up and gaze the horizon, and among the faces was mine. A glimpse of the sun shone on my face, perhaps it meant hope for me? Only the Almighty knows.
    I take a whiff of the morning air and continued to look around me. That morning, the fog was hanging so low on the hills. They looked like a snowy white fluffy blanket enveloping a still sleeping body. It looked so comfy, so warm and so cozy. Such a miraculous view that I get to witness often in this camp.
    Taking off the issued battered up National Service shoes gave me a relief. It was very uncomfortable and the socks were too thin. Some of my friend's shoes already had gaping wide holes, some even had mouths! Sheathing off the light blue PT shirt added to the satisfaction. As I walked towards the toilet, the breeze picked up, and the wind licked my sweaty back, it was pure serenity. Sometimes even the smallest and most ridiculous things that always make you calm and contempt.
    As I brushed my teeth, I looked into the mirror. Hoping for something to suddenly pull me into the mirror, I continued staring. People often say that the eyes are the doors to the heart. At that moment, all I could see was two black empty pools, tired and weary. I tried staring harder, maybe I can catch a glimpse of my worn out soul. "Is this really me?No, this is not me. Is this the price to pay to finally be a someone?a somebody? Why do I habe to be here? I don't belong in this place!" And just like a recording, those questions kept repeating in my head.
    But it wasn't long until a cold splash of water hit my face, and all of the questions were washed away, just like the droplets of water rolling from my sunburned cheek into the sink. I just realized that the class starts at 8.30, I have to get a move on.

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