Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Star All Time

I went to Times Square with my National Service buddies. The head pelatih followed as well(he owes me RM160 for losing my dang Walkman). So we meronggeng-ed around the mall sebab nak "cucuk duit". And as they cursed and raped the ATM machine. I went to a shoe store nearby. And guess what. I found a brand new Converse shoes which is the same design as im wearing. Well the difference it that the one I'm wearing is 3 years old compared to the fresh-out-of-the-box-Converse.
Okay the size is not the same but the design is

Believe it or not my Converse(right pic) used to be as black as the left pic. LMFAO
At first I really can't believe the change it went through after 3 years. But then to mention it, 
-I wore this shoe on the first time i really played sepak takraw
-I wore this shoe when I jogged around Bukit Jalil
-I wore this shoe when I went to Perlis(rombongan sambil belajar with Kajang Highschool dudez)
-I wore this shoe balik kampung
-I wore this shoe during prep at MRSM almost everyweek
-I wore this shoe when I played basketball in MRSM
-I walked from Times Square-Bukit Bintang-Pavillion-KLCC in this shoe TWICE!
-I danced on stage wearing this shoe
-I took pictures with this shoe
-I left it on a rack for 2 months

So yeah.Convy(my shoe's name),youve been a great companion for me. Please be that way until I get another one. Because I still love u more than I love my green grey Airmax XD (sengal much?)


  1. ak pnah pakai kasut tuu.sakit kat bhagian belakang.tajam woo.

  2. seriously?aku tk pnah kena mcm tu pun?kasut tu syg aku kottt.hehehe