Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Last Melodies

   As the guitar strums, the memories flash by again like a hyperspeed slideshow. Of all the pains, of all the hard work, the laughs, the joy, the hard backbreaking work. Well they're all memories.
   The gleams in the eyes of the people are beautiful. The colours in peoples eyes always take my attention. Yet I am always embarassed to let them see the colors in mine
  I could see Dafi's eyes water up, I could see Mel trying hard to keep in sync with the rhythm, I could see the guys down there waving their hands, I could see them singing along, I could see Cikgu Jely crying, And I could see the clear fact that it would be the last time to see everything above again.
   And in the end, I could see myself, just another small person in this world, trying to make ends meet, trying to light the path along the road of life.
   And right when everything seems so crystal clear. The note goes into a high pitch. And i just followed it when my eyes start to water up. Goodbye PLKN.
To Cikgu Jely,I'll keep ure words :)

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