Friday, March 30, 2012

Pics In Hidden Drawers : My Room H9

I miss my room in MRSM Kuantan
With the variety of ragam manusia in there
But the main model in this pic is O't
Apa khabar dia skang eh?
That makes me wonder
Okay add in to do list : Call O't
Bottom left(only locker visible) : Arifis
Middle Left : Hafiz Muzahid's
Upper Left  : Azri's
Upper Middle : Mine
Middle Right : Ot's
Bottom Right(not visible) : Abe Din's(his bed is classified because he is a Taiko)
Bottom Middle(where pic is taken) : Hariz's

And the guy fondling with the lappy,that's Ot
And that's Hariz's laptop
Always been a pain in the bontot to play DOTA in his laptop 0.0
But yeah better than nothing
Okay my watch is showing 7.05 p.m
Gotta go mandi

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