Sunday, March 18, 2012

Times Square

  It all started with me standing alone at KL Central. Waiting and waiting for the guys. Well I didn't have much trouble waiting because i get to spend time alone with my phone suddenly being a biatch(i gotta get another phone). Back to the storehh. Madi arrived with Zariff followed on by Joe.
Well ni je yg ada,the rest bnyk cekadak.well tak mape tak mape

   At first we went window shopping, I tried so hard to find things on my shopping list but theyre nowhere to be found
   But I got to buy a new walkman

Thanks penghulu for losing my mp3 so i cn buy a more beautiful one
   As fr movies, we watched Bunohan.
   Finally, A Malay movie that stands to my expectation!
 Creative camera angles
Beautiful camera colours
Superb acting
A feeling background
A cliched yet interesting plot
It uses Bahasa Kelantan wokk!
so from me
a big fat 5 star rating

And so