Monday, April 23, 2012

Meatball or Patty

   We were having dinner the other night, and Adik was there too(menggedik nak balik dari asrama sbb nk gaming). And Mama told Adik about the Burger Bakar I got Mama and Asha the other day..
                               To anyone yang taktau lagi what Burger Bakar is..
                                                     Here is a link to get you out from the ignorance :)
                                          Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw
  Oh and Burger Bakar just opened a new stall at Puchong Utama(please be jealous Nrl Hsna) LOL
  OH! now i can get somemore of those giants!
  OHH!! Now I can go lepak there oweys n oweysss!
  OOOHHHH shizz..I..Don't..Have..A..Car to go there..
   But ANYWAY! Suddenly after that she told me she got 800grams of cow in the freezer(seriously its minced meat
This is it but its 800g
   So she told me to "kau buat lah daging burger out of it,then masak"
   And I went all Me Gusta(I can't cook taht welll..T.T)
But then I got know tht she act wanted a chef in the family tp tkde yang minat. In my heart I told myself. A soon-to-be-lecturer-in-Biotechnology can also be a good chef! and a Suami Mithali!HHMPH!

                                                               dramatic drumroll!!
   So on the evening of the 23rd March, I microwaved the minced meat to defrost it.
grated 3 garlic cloves
diced an onion
loads of Paprika,Pepper,Steak powder and salt
2 teaspoons of olive oil
an egg
(actually I studied 4 recipes and kind of mixed them all together and main tabur je)

All the ingredients

Sooo squishy and colldd...not to mention greasyyy

time masuk oven nice,huge and plump

after 10 minutes start shrinking, jadi bulat macam pau..hahaha

after half an hourr....

  Okay I was flabbergasted when I realized it became meatballs. But still Mama, Ayah and Asha said it was delicious.

  Or did they say that just to protect my feelings??hurmmmmm...suspiciousssss

   Okay who cares, I learnt from my mistakes!

More thinner and wider
More salt
More paprika
MORE olive oil

  Mama told me to make it oblong shaped..hee..okay Mama, thanks for the support. <3 you! :')

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