Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two People,One Vision,One Heart

Sarah covered her mouth as she yawned. The battered clock was slammed again, sending it back to its slumber of ticks and tocks. As the coffee machine does its job, she showered and dressed. A sense of awkwardness fell upon her as she noticed something wrong but soon it slipped her mind. The toast was kind of burnt today, and as of the coffee,  Arabica was kind of overwhelming and thick but really good stuff.
In no time, the caffeine kicked in and at long last, she suddenly noticed what the awkwardness was about. “Shit he’s gone!” Sarah gasped and quickly raced out of the house. The screeching sound of the tires of the Vios echoed through the urban residency of Damansara Utama.
KL Central as usual, full of life and bustle. And in the midst of it all, there Naim was, jaywalking with not a sign of despair from his face. He liked to tune his ears and listen to the sound rich environment. Maybe he could pick the conversation between lovers, or breakfast orders at the Mcdonalds nearby, maybe someone talking to people on the phone, business partners perhaps? Or a wife? A gust of wind picked up and caressed his long hair, he held his head up to enjoy the breeze, hoping it will take him with it, off to somewhere unknown where he can live a happy life with her.
His mind then went off to other places. To the special day, that day….
Sarah really had to squint to try and make out his writing on the piece of pink paper. It really was hard with his writing, but with his condition, it really was an absolute achievement. And with eyes tearing up with joy and the butterflies in her belly, she whispered to him a small yes. “Love yah gemok” she added after her besties made a commotion about the proposal-at-the-restaurant-stuff. “I’m so not fat!” Naim protested. Sarah then took a fork and gently poked his lovehandles which sent him jumping in surprise.
“So what? You’re gonna sue me?” And she gave another poke to him.
Only laughs were heard at that place that night.
And then it faded, Naim found himself again flying across the darkness which had grew into one of his close friends.
Dr Zul Is standing in front of him, with a file in his hand and his eyes scanning the pages. “we have definitely no problem doing this surgery but it is the effect on both of you I am worried about, both psychologically and physically". “I know, I understand, and I’ll do anything just for her smile.” Said Naim while signing a few papers and lying on the white bed. He remembered taking a deep puff of the anesthesia and antiseptic ridden air of the HUKM operating room.
Another thing he remembered was looking to his right to avoid the bright light overhead and noticing that Sarah was on another bed beside her, fast asleep under sedation, with her eyes wrapped.
Those eyes, the sparkling wonder in it, round, shiny, and purely seductive, overflowing with affection, he always looked for a chance to steal a view on those eyes, to stare at those eyes and dive deep into her soul. But not long after that, fate made a very unfortunate turn. With her one day partially losing her vision and a few days later, was diagnosed with a genetic vision disease.
Naim took a long breath and closed his eyes, forever. “All for you honey.” His tiny heart whispered before spiraling into a deep sleep.
A car honking right in front of him whizzed him back to reality. He was near one of the main roads and needed to cross to get to the monorail station. Upon hearing the beeps, he walked to cross and at that precise moment, a hand held him and guided him, he wriggled his arm a little as the mysterious person took him the other way. “Stop wriggling honey, I’m your eyes, trust me,” the soft voice said, with a hot breath to his ears. 
Familiar with that voice knowing it belonged to Sarah, he jabbed his cane on her feet.”Wow, my wife chased me to the hearts of the city again, you stalker! Have you been following me?”
She gave out a slight laugh, as usual, she saw the aunty who used to sell sweets at a nearby stall. Sarah waved at her, knowing that she was a witness of her following Naim everyday in her Vios, unknowingly, silent, and distant. Watching him as he walked to the station, and as he disappeared up the escalator, she blew a kiss and continued to drive to work. She knew she was not a stalker, just a person in love and with a debt to pay to her hero.
“You’re wearing the blue wedges again?” Naim asked. ‘”Nope, brown ones” She said, dazed from her previous thoughts. “Oh, it must be beautiful on you sayang” Naim said, and that was his only reply.
She held him closer and a bead of tear formed at the corner of her hazel eyes. She knew she didn’t need to hide it. He can’t see it, even her brown wedges from Clarks. He’s blind, and so is love, that’s the reason she can see the world, through his eyes, now a part of her.
“I love you gemok”, Sarah whispered.
“Hahaha, why so random? And for the hundredth time in 3 years!IM NOT GEMOK!” whined Naim as he pinched her nose.
“Ouch that hurts!”
And so, they walked along the street, past the hustling people. It was true love in the heart of KL, with a blind twist. 

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