Monday, January 23, 2012

The Red Hot Spicy Stuff

  Dad brought me and Adik for a quick dinner at a restaurant. Since us already full(thanks Mak Long), we just ordered soups.And for me, the Seafood Tomyam. Dad told me that the soups here are really 'uummphh!' being that the cook is from Thailand. So yeah. After a few sips of Iced Tea, the steaming bowl of red liquid presented itself. Bubbling with the heat. The whiff of the steam filled my head with myriads of senses. The heat of the chillis, the scent of 'daun ketumbar', a hint of lime, lemongrass, and other herbs. It was like a beautiful orchestra of smells playing.
  The taste?Well you be the judge, cuz its ure tongue not mine!LOL.
  But if taken from my point of view, I would give it a 4 star. With the hot spicy chilli stinging my mouth, the heat searing my tongue and sourness tingling my brain. Its a satisfaction after a whole day feeling cold and damp due to the rainy weather today. Well, guess the small things in life do mean wonders to our life anyway. That is all, Adios

p.s - planning to do pixel art of Al,wait for the results and comments are surely appreciated :)-

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  1. oh hellllllll yeahhhhh!!wait..kau ada gmbar aku ke?