Friday, January 20, 2012

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara/Neraka (PLKN)

1 January 2012
Bam,Mum dropped me at Putrajaya
still remember her wave when the bus jettisoned

The days are boring

6.30 - morning roll-call
9.00 - classes(kindergarten-like)
2.30 - physical/multiskill/kawad kaki activity
5.30 - exercise
9.00 - tayangan(optional)
10.30 - roll-call

And there, i got assigned to the Alpha company. And due to bad management. Even appointed as Second In Command.WTH i just wanted to relax there. not bust my ass each there managing delinquents and misfits like myself!

oh yeah.
notice the fakeness?
i was on the way to the camp on my first day

day 5(i think)
i look like a bald prisoner

Alpha company! PEACE Y'ALL(our tag cheer)

From left - Wan(First In Command),Nazmie(da guy from my class)

Our flag(i painted it!!!BANGGA!)Lipan(centipede) is our mascot animal

My rank kt bahu baju..satu calit jee..tklah market sgt.hahaha

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