Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It was joy from the start. With mum driving me to Putrajaya and us having a light breakfast (Apple bar and Croissants). Actually the bakery was a really small one but damn, the croissants are humongous and crunchy on the outside with a chewy core. Heaven!

And so then we got to KLIA, she had to catch a plane to Terengganu for a conference. Poor Mama, busy je dia.

Anyway then I decided to take a walk around the airport (surprisingly of countless times ive ever been to this airport, tk penah lagi tawaf tmpt ni). Oh and yes, I spent 45 minutes at the observing hall where i watched everything on the runway and gates unfold into a normal hectic day. And all i can say is, AMAZING!

The airplanes (Hayley Williams-Airplanes playing in my head XD)

And theres this one photographer( Japanese I think) who was busy snapping pics oh everything on the runway. His camera had a very LARGE lens (OH ME WANT OONEE!)

     Well then I boarded the next ERL to Salak Tinggi and waited for her and the gang.
Her dressup? From my point of view is half 'Datin' with a 'Teenage' twist. But who am i anyway? I'm no fashion police. But yeah, She looked gorgeous to me  ♥

She's the one in the middle. :)

   Speaking about the picture, the girl on the right was kinda late (she took the wrong train and ended up in KLIA instead of Putrajaya). Well Amirah,takpe,no hard feelings, if kau tak lambat, takdenye ktorg sempat main kerusi urut! :)

   And when it comes to Kerusi Urut Ogawa (or any other brand), that is the part where Nrl Hsna (her) goes bonkers =__='

The urut machine is pretty good

So Amirah finally arrived after another croissant,a hazelnut bar, a Coke Light and jeruk mangga =.='

Thanks to Aainaa, we got a cab to Alamanda! And I got the executive cab!OMG besonye teksi tuuuu!haaha.

Well Alamanda was quite deserted (not sure was it because of we arrived early or the fact that everyone is still in the CNY holidays). Oh yeah, we met Wawa and Azreen there. Well when they met it was like they had never met in a decade cuz they were all hugging and grinning and cheek-kissing and stuff. 

Well back to story, Zariff then arrived! We actually kept the info that Azreen was gonna tag along with us so that it would be a surprise for him (they're scandals,whattaya expect?).Well he was surprised and I was SURPRISED too cuz he had long haiiirrr. Oh me so jealous cuz im alredy botak! >:3

Azreen kind of mengembang throughout the holidays 0.0

We got our movie tickets. 'Keramat' and then went to the square outside to snap some pitchazzzz.
(everyone was hyper)

This is everyone. Although ada yg still tak kenal, but yeah. You guys rocked!
Ezurain, sorry bro, tk nampak sgt kau! hahaha (he's damn sporting!)

She said my t-shirt is cute! :D And as usual, the scandalous Zariff and Azreen snapped a photo together

All the girls

Dikna brought us some of her food! It was pavlova and red velvet cake! Which if anyone wanted to know what it was, check out her blog or Google it.

Well we bought lunch and Dikna and I ran away to get some whipping cream and pavlova (aku yg mengada sgt mintak whipping cream and fruits atas pavlova)

She took a long time getting her Sizzling rice, so i bought her a hazelnut mocha and put whipping cream on it (HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL XD). 

The pavlova was REALLY tasty! It was sweet (just nice) and it had a crunchy crust and a foamy inside. Well u gotta make me more of those haha. And the red velvet reminded me of Mum's spongecake and cheesecake. But yeah, it was basically just a red cake with a cream cheese top. But nonetheless, kudos for Nrl Hsna for being such a wonderful cook (bangga suami kau)

And so, we watched the movie Keramat. I gave the idea to Ezurain to wear Aainaa's robe and imitate the character from the movie,Habib. And hilariously, he looked just like Habib! And throughout the movie, All of us were laughing. Ezurain kept spewing out funny puns and jokes but still jumped when the ghost showed itself 

Ezurain = Oit terbang mak kau, mak kau terbang!
That was his rant each time he jumped in surprise

Dikna kept using the Sovereign shawl to close her eyes =.=' Scaredy-cat. Tampaq kang!
Amirah laughed till her tummy hurt
And I laughed till i had cramps in my face and bad side ache T.T

As for the movie, it actually sucked, the story was hazy and the info wasn't enuf. Even the ghost is shit. Long story short, Malaysia horror films really need a total makeover. They suck. But the fact that i got my friends, it wasn't a total bummer. We had a good time :)

After that we did our prayers (alhamdulillah,tak lupa agama)

We then stopped by at Nichii to do some window shopping. Well we ended up at the mirror snapping pictures and stuff :o

And then we went to Baskin Robbins (i promised myself i'll get her some Ice cream)
It was pink day! And my sweater had a pink streak!So we got discount! Dikna picked Pecans and Praline while i chose the Strawberry Cheesecake. We shared the double scoop (she told me tkyah beli 2) ♥

Wawa with the other girls kept trying to get a snap of pic at the 'abang' at the Basking Robbins. They told me he was hot. I was like whateverrr! But yeah, that became the topic for the rest of the day =.=

Wawa and Aainaa especially was like head over heels over him and kept babbling about it.Ezurain and me just watched in utter silence. Again, 

We then ended up at the garden spending our last minutes there. I sat briefly with her on a bench nearby and said my thanks for the hell of a blast of a day :')

The cab ride back to the ERL station was also merry with me being their Dad =__='
(I noticed the pak drebar grinning to our jokes) LOL

So i went with the girls to buy their tickets and waited as one by one, they passed through the gate and only watched as Dikna went out of sight, down the escalator. And that was the end.

I the started reading on my new book and waited for Mum who arrived 20 minutes later. She drove me home and as the car cruised along the highway. I told myself, today is a day that I'll never forget.

It was a helluva day Dikna. Thanks for everything 

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