Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bookworm Heaven

   Perhaps one thing that Malaysians love is cheap stuff. I mean we can't seem to resist when something is sold at a fairly low price or is on a discount. We'll come crowding like flies on a dead carcass. And it is at these times that the real human nature comes out. Which surprises even myself. If you know what i mean Dikna :).

"macam baby dapat candy"

  But in contrast, one thing that Malaysians hate is books, well if you love reading, then congratulations, you should be proud.

  Although i agree to my statement above, I do enjoy reading anyway. So yeah, if you mix both 'books' and 'cheap'. Well the resulting compund that is formed is of course,

  BookXcess is actually a vast and humble bookstore located at the top floor of Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. If you just can't make an idea of where it is, try Google Map-ping it or click here. To get there from KL Central, just board the LRT to Taman Jaya. An voila! Amcorp Mall is just across the street!

   Well actually this wasn't planned earlier........

   We(Me, Nuna, Zariff and Azreen) spent our afternoon watching The Avengers in 3D!LOL that epic movie is going to be a topic in the next post!

   About BookXcess, Dikna(Nuna) once told me about this bookstore not long ago. And i was curious about going there actually and fortunately, she finally brought us there after the movie at Mid Valley!

  Zariff experienced his first public bus ride! We briefly got lost in Amcorp Mall while searching for the bookstore. Seriously Amcorp Mall has EVERYTHING an artist or a college student needs!

  Finally we found BookXcess just across an ancient looking McDonalds(thanks abang Cina!). Dikna was kind of lazy to bertanya, maybe malu or ego..... people should be aware of this famous phrase!

Malu bertanya sesat jalan!
  And as i entered BookXcess, I thought, "macam bookstore biasa je?". But as i looked around.....

  I mean every following words..

The books are stupendously, hilariously, truly, honestly, DAMN CHEAP!

  I mean, almost ALL of the books have prices that are below RM30! and there is even a rack that sells thick fat books for prices below RM10! Talk about cheap! An 8 in 1 Blogging for Dummies book that costs RM118 just cost RM39! Novels that costed rm59-79-109 costed less than RM30!

   Okay I could've sworned i almost jumped out of excitement as I examined the price tags, they were VERY cheap! And so thats why Dikna said my excitement resembled a kid getting a candy! Well guess she didnt know how i was like inside! U WANNA KNOW!?I WAS LIKE..

    Okay I spent there a while looking for books, I mean I only brought RM80.I LOVE YOU MAMA for always supplying me cash for books :') ! But still, never bite more than you can chew! So after lots of reasoning, I got these books.

Hippos Eat Dwarfs - RM17.90(originally RM54.90)
Excuse Me, But It Was My Turn - RM19.90(originally RM82.90)
How To Love - RM 17.90(originally RM93.90)
In the end, I got 3 books for the price of RM55.70!

    At the cashier I actually asked how did the books get VERY cheap. And the cute akak told me that the books they sold are actually extra stocks from overprinting. Which are basically brand new books that happen to be extra stocks. 

   So basically BookXcess is the F.O.S or Reject Shop for books, they sell brand new books that are extra stocks! So that explains the generous prices and whopping price cuts!

  After the fun time shopping in BookXcess, we made way to have our lunch at A&W! YUMMY!

meet the lovebirds :) (lol just kidding, they're just friends)

   So yeah, a special gratitude to Nrl Hsna for bringing me to this place. :)


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