Sunday, May 20, 2012

UPM Plunder

           Early mornings are never my thing, but since the day is quite an important marker to add into my life, it’s an exception. But the start of it wasn’t that pleasing because it started with “oh shit, tak isi borang lagi”. Last minute work is never a favourite of mine but since the application was verified yesterday and registration is today, you really need to get things settled as fast as possible.

            I don’t think I’ll babble about the registering part,it is a bore,and besides tha fact I went through half of the ordeal with my kidneys on the verge of exploding. But then as I applied my skills, some queues were cut (patience was never my strength).

            As I was told, 669 of the country’s smartasses and badasses were chosen to be in my batch for the year. But then the odds were against me, none of the guys were from MJSC Kuantan, the only Sovereignians that I noticed were girls, and to add to the loneliness, I don’t even know them that well.

            Mum and Dad who were kind to put aside their work and send me to college, and as I found out, my room is 3 storeys above.

meet my college :) its not cmparable to home but itll do 

            Oh yes,a room on the 3rd floor with 6 beds and 2 fans, and to think of it, UPM is still considered an urban area though they claim to be “Conservative to the environment”, so any chance of the temperature dropping below 24 degrees would be tantamount of waiting for a rooster to lay eggs and milk their offsprings.
            For the third time in my life, I was alone again with my clothes, undies and a bed.

            Before shit just got worst, one by one my roommates came in. We got to know each other, and seriously I couldn’t shake the feeling about this one roommate of mine(his name is Mustaqim) who REALLY reminds me of my Kajang Highschool bestie, Nizam. Right to the way he talks and to the position he held in his school.

            I found out later how small this planet is. Because Abeng(PLKN buddy) suddenly showed up as a student in my batch. And I met 2 students from SBPI Rawang who knew Mad(Muhammad Lim from KajangHighschool). And both of them are nutheads, ALWAYS making my sides ache with laughter.(and they ended as among my first and best buddies there besides Mus and Jol)

            Oh yes my issue with “soft” guys came back, I subtly mocked his ‘nyah’ style (OMG I feel so berdosa), and I found out he is quite an important person (let’s just pray he won’t murder me). (if Ebieyt or Zulkarnain is reading this,I'm terribly sorry....)

            Bla ba bla,yadiyediayada,and finally I found myself in Dewan Putra 2, laughing our asses off by our seemingly endless supply of jokes and puns. We even got famous when Jol got all of us on stage to do the ketupat dance, he decided if he were to go down, he’ll drag us with him.

            Bottom line, its gonna be a hell of a foundation.

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