Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hills Of Memory

    Guess a simple honest assalamualaikum would suffice...

    So here i am again, seated on a stool in the kitchen, mentally sweeping the dust from this blog and literally stuffing my famished self with some of last nights spaghetti while recalling the events earlier today.

   Today's driving class was really annoying with the fact I drove for 2 hours with a bad tummy ache, it was a mistake drinking Nescafe when you have lactose intolerance in the morning. Plus, changing temperatures added to my misery with the sneezing and coughing.

   After finishing that, i took the bus straight to IOI Mall, got a plaid shirt for RM19 (NrlHsna, mohon jealous). To get the edge off from my gastric, i got an unusually enormous sausage on a stick plus a green apple bubble tea, might as well be my brunch for today.

    And since it was a Wednesday, I watched Dark Shadows at the GSC upstairs. Simply said the movie got a 7 out of 10 rating with its mixed fusion of new-age love and old fashioned romance with an undead twist (LOL).

   Has anyone ever let their subconscious do their daily activities? Because that happened during the journey, when reality finally caught me, I was already on the bus, I mean I just lost track of 3 minutes of my life.Thank God the bus passed in front of my housing area, but it just took a different route, which was the cause this post was written.

   It took the downtown route (so to say) which was the part of town that was the background of the life episodes of me during my childhood. The bus passed my kindergarten, which I attended for a year and a half after my family moved back to Malaysia (had very little memories left when we were abroad). One of the funny incidences at the kindergarten was when i fell from the stairs of the slide, I felt very strong and proud because i didn't cry eventhough it hurt real bad.

  The bus then went up a hill which I saw a road that led straight to my primary school, I even saw a glimpse of the school through the trees beyond the road and houses. Back then i was so fat, mummy always said i was like a pau, only that she said i was the overcooked brown cuz i was brown. The six years there went by like a breeze, with only a few acquaintances that i still keep in touch with up until today. And I also saw a junction which if followed, can end me up at Zulaikha's house, which I went there for her birthday party with some friends during Form 3, It's a wonder that her parents still remember me, because i only usually see her grandfather at the mosque, he always smiled a very cheerful smile that showed his dentures, and always poking my ribs occasionally. Well guess 11 years really eats your youth away.

    Perpendicular of the street was also a street that went past my primary school. It was when i was standard one when me and my friend walked along this road to go home, well we kind of played truant because it was Sports Day, and we were very tired of waiting school to end, so we decided to walk home. The next thing we knew, we ended up in front of our housing area, and I am still unable to decide whether we were unfortunate or not because suddenly a police vehicle pulled over beside us. I started to trembling, but then as it turned out, the stern looking policeman smiled and offered us a ride home, he even let us hold his submachinegun and shotgun. I still remember Mum's face when she saw me hopping off from a police vehicle, she was taking her sabbaticals and stayed home. LOL it was epic to see her frantically open the door and asking me tons of questions.

   And finally the bus stopped, blowing away the cloud of imagination and nostalgia i had just now. I got off the the bus, got myself a Cornetto, and walked home.

   It is a wonder when we delve back down along memory lane, it has collections of our lives that brings a multitude of emotions.

   OKAY enough of the past, it is the present that needs to be attended to. And since my registration into UPM is on this Thursday which happens to be tomorrow, better continue packing.


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