Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ayam Kasi Potong

  This is the activity of tonight, with 7 heads acting like 1/7 of a brain. Laughing like hell, while getting our hands dirty with chicken grease and chicken innards.Technically they're the ones cutting stuff up and I'm the one with a laptop downloading songs for tomorrow's jamuan sekretariat kebajikan.

  Again, a saddening question yet with an inevitable answer arose a few times. Guys, I tried not to answer. But for now, this is the temporary answer.

  Yes, I am sad with myself moving my sorry ass from UPM. If I am to compare the joy of  being with you guys for 5 years or to have a once in a lifetime experience overseas. I'd choose you guys. But then maybe fate have better plans for all of us right? So since I'll be here for another 2 weeks or so, let's just enjoy the present, never regretting a bit of our mischief and notoriety.

   I promise I'll upload all of the pictures of us, so kalau rindu rajin2 lah baca. I'll never forget you guys :')

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