Friday, May 4, 2012

Dim Shimmer

    I guess nowadays many people agree its the downfall for moral values in this country. From corrupted leaders(not only talking about the Government) to child kidnapping.

    Well if your thinking I'm gonna rant about 'THE PEOPLE SHOULD DO THIS" or "THE PEOPLE SHOULD DO THAT"! Well no. I'm just here to give my opinion on the genesis of this problem. I bet everyone is familiar with the cool friend of everyone that is known as
   Of course I don't believe in Karma, but i believe in a Muslim teaching that is quite similar to that. Okay put that aside. Let's talk about the youths today. Does this pictures give a description of what I'm trying to convey here?
hahhh..i miss the zaman jahiliah days..
   Well it is a known fact Rempits are a minority in our society that seem to wreak havoc in every way possible?how?

All of these WERE cool until the Rempits took over it :'(

  Well enough about Rempits, it's hard to eradicate them anyway, they're already a norm in Malaysia. But yeah the main questionis how these things originated anyway? Well if you read the first paragraph of this post, THAT is the problem. You hear the government blabbling about the youths are a mess and 'gejala sosial dalam kalangan belia makin menular pada zaman globalisasi kini' or 'gejala sosial yang makin menjadi-jadi marcapada menjadi perbualan hangat pihak atasan" and all the berbunga bunga ayats.

   And to students, can't you help but notice that THESE topics are the staple dish in our BM or English exams?

   Why don't they put topics like "Sistem pilihanraya di Malaysia kini makin tidak amanah dan telus, perbincangkan" or "Pemimpin yang berwibawa dan bemaruah penting bagi menjamin  produktiviti negara" or "Justin Bieber patut menjalani pembedahan menukar jantina" atau "Kpop punca pemakaian pakaian mengarut". Cant' people see how the people 'up there' keep hiding the shit they make and make other people look more worse than they are?

  I mean they're busy trying to stop alcoholic influences among youth but in fact the ones who coined the idea are the ones who get drunk with booze and get laid with whores. Hipocrisy? DEFINITELY.

  Well truth to be told, I cant't help but admit that i was and maybe still that deviated from the right path. But I'm not blind. What the youths are today is because of what our predecessors did. We drink booze bcause somewhere somewhat an old guy is drinking booze. We smoke because somwhere somehow the people above us are doing it. Were all cracked up on drugs because up there someones doing it. It is something that is inherited unconsciously.

  But then I'm no FULL HATER, because I got my share of experiences with people like these. I mean they dress up like Rempits and speak in a language only fit to be talked to a dustbin. But people, don't be too harsh, who knows one day you'll be like them? And please don't judge a book by its cover.

   My friends had told me multiple stories of these kind of people are not who they seem to be.

   Okay my experience is this, I was jaywalking alone(one of my solo walks around KL which noone knows except for mum and dad). And I saw this guy with all his shebangs and shiz, I mean he wears all the bangles, contact lenses, a really cool mohawk, ultra skinny jeans with Paul Smith shirt and boots with his friends(oh so rempit). And I thought, wow he's all messed up with his friends, and as humans always do, having a small sense of feeling in ure heart that ure better than everyone.

   Well yeah,thats me, being all cocky,(Imma human being, so no judging) But not long after that as i made my way to the musolla (right on time for Asar), I noticed a pair of shoes that looked familiar,(okay awkward) then i entered i saw a pair of skinny jeans folded at a corner of the musolla. And to my surprise, the rempit guy i saw earlier was there, with a 'kain pelikat' on, a 'kopiah', and all his bangles gone.

   Okay that got me going all WTF!!! And he looked as if he was really deep in his prayers. I mean there was the aura and everything. And I felt really all ashamed and hina when i was beside him...i mean, i felt like a glow somewhat was reignited in the dark corners of my smelly heart. I mean, I finally saw hope in the middle of KL.

   Well with this experience, I was also reminded by the same stuff i said earlier in this post, people are still praying and shedding tears for Allah just because somewhat somewhere, someone is crying their heart out to Him.

   All in all, my justified opinion is this, don't just talk the talk, walk the talk and walk the walk. Don't be busy preaching and ranting about other peoples wrongdoings sukahati makbapak and behind it, doing the same shit, because u might not know what the victim of your bitchy mouth has things that you lack e.g bigger penises. okay im just joking. But you get my drift right?

  A better future for humanity can be achieved by people working together to fix the root of the problems. not by one side working their asses out and another side looking as if theyre busy but in reality theyre also doing the same shit.

Inspired Fatty

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