Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Is a brain drain overpowering my capabilities? Or is it just the lack of rest. The vision of me stranded here gives me the bland motivation to push myself to my utmost limit. Yes, I am a lazy bum.

1 month left from the SATs and I still haven't bumped up my marks that were satisfactory to me. I feel like cursing to myself for my laziness and procrastinating habits. Failure, it's a toll I must pay for all the slacking. Failing my Pre-calculus is simply heart-wrecking enough. Needless to say about my other tests. I don't want to flunk,but the odds of achieving an extravagant grade is just a too far-fetched dream. Just like my objective to rebuild my muscle tones. Hopeless.

Maybe all the sins I did came back to me with a smash. The Other Half said to me once that smartness and glory can just be taken away by Allah, in a snap. *snap* , and its gone, just like that. Syuk you're an overconfident loud and arrogant bastard. Heh, self insultation, the only solution for a cocky brain (since I am too much of an ignorant to even give a f*&k about what people say to me). 

I don't believe in Karma, but I do believe that all the stuff you did will kick you back in the ass. But what if you already made your peace with the People Upstairs? I mean, can amendments really stop the hang sentence? I guess more thought has to be given in this.

Studying and diligent just doesn't fit in with my style.Same goes to smart and brilliant. But what the hell, no pain no gain, and absolutely nothing to lose by trying. 

Insya-Allah I'll try to fix some flaws here and there. for the best of myself, for my future, my family,both of us dan sewaktu dengannya. 

If you're reading this, I'm fine okay? Just releasing stress. Oh I went to Sunway and went ice-skating. awesome. though it blew a huge dent in my wallet. Now I'm trying my best to save my financial status from the verge of bankruptcy (padahal ada je Mama nak hulur duit).

Mama almost got to know who my girlfriend is, thank God no one ratted me out.

Okay I'm sleepy. Adios 

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