Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kick In The Balls

I already see a pattern in my health. You see the most vital day in a week is Wednesday, there will  be the insanely most soporific yet tiresome exam ever - SAT Practice Tests, and there will be the 2 most crucial subjects in my syllabus that to me seems that of a far fetched hope to score - Maths and Reading. Sue me being a left-hander making numbers not my forte'. But thanks to the people upstairs, I have a prominent talent in designs and arts (but seriously I don't see any correlation between arts and Biology. Why did I take Biotech in the first place? Syuk you need to do some serious thinking - then again... I'm just too much of a lazy bum to do so. To hell with it.

Back to the topic, ah! Health pattern. I get sick always. Now I'm accompanied with a stuffed nose, migraine and fatigue. Somebody donate a bed to me please. I'd like some sleep. Please. Adios.

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