Saturday, March 29, 2014


I try to not regret the decisions that I have made. Although at times there were distinct losses due to poor decision-making skills.

I cannot decide on whether life has been kind to me or not. Perhaps yes, perhaps not. I have been moving only upwards in my life, reaching greater heights academically. Rutgers can be said as the climax of my journey so far.

However I am cautious as the rising bubble must soon pop; dropping down to the abyss.

I believe a side effect of me up in a faster pace than others is that I leave everyone in a trail of dust. Everyone gets blurred by the dust cloud. As soon as the dust subsides, I am gone from their sight - just a guy who left them behind.

Every new place I was sent/selected/accepted into were populated by people with different mindsets as a whole : from the rempit-idolizing community in PLKN to the "sophisticated" rich kids in INTEC.

Making new friends and starting anew was somewhat of a challenge. It takes a long time to fit in a community, and I leave so fast yet so close to adapting to the old community. In the end, I was thrusted into a community where the mindsets are a total polar opposites of the one I just left. A weirdo label gets hung around my neck.

I never regretted Rutgers. I never regretted INTEC. Despite the bitter memories with colleagues.

Indeed. Ultimately it all falls back to myself - will I strive?

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