Friday, March 14, 2014

Have you ever felt like strangling someone? The feeling of hatred that seemed to have sprouted from within and has its roots so wedged deep inside you that its evil roots start to take control of your mind. This sense of dissatisfaction. The bubbling anger. The wave upon wave of surging intention to just wrap your fingers around the neck - comfortably positioned right on the location of the thorax, thumbs crossed choking the main blood vessels in the neck and fingers clawed deep into the atlas vertebra.

As you tighten your grip, the burst of hormonal cocktail does its magic - adrenaline slowing down time and giving you a pseudo-superhuman strength and reflex. At those seconds, you wonder what the first signs of damage is. Will it be the rupturing of the pulmonary blood vessels? Will it be the collapsing of the windpipe? Or perhaps (PERHAPS) will it be the snapping of the vertebrae?

The world has an abundance of people with twisted ideas. But what makes us different from those psychopaths out there is our lack of action on our wild imaginations.

So I unclench my fists, take a deep breath, and show a mental middle finger.

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