Tuesday, March 11, 2014


At least overachievers move up in life. That is what I have to say to the community of Malaysia who chastise and critic more than mak cik kampung. If someone gets too ahead, he/she is pulled down by the majority. What a nice country to live in, no wonder outliers are scarce o find in this country of opportunity.

We are too busy warring amongst ourselves due to scarred egos and ruptured pride. Salah sikit, kritik bersepah bak hang. Everyone has knives behind their back and everyone is trigger-happy. Plenty of Malaysians choose to lay low with the majority - katanya takut malu, takut kena hina sebab terlalu semangat. Ceh, penakut tak bertelur.

Courage is something we need to foster in ourselves. The great minds of the world come from achievers - those who work. I've heard my friends say "mat salleh ramai hebat sebab diorang Yahudi, memang diorang pandai", or "orang Jepun memang rajin, sebab tu banyak benda diorang boleh buat", so is that a reason why you people are fattening yourselves up with nasi lemak and teh tarik, working dull blue collar jobs, and makan gaji buta? Shouldn't you guys be out there proving that Malaysians too can be successful?

Malaysia needs more people with fighting spirit. Genius is not a necessity, perseverance is.

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