Thursday, April 3, 2014


How do you differentiate between friendly teases and subtle insults?

I do know that behind every "just kidding", there is some truth.

Probably I haven't dealt with plenty of conversations. Okay right now it's like I'm trapped in a circle. I am uncomfortable and traumatized in dealing with conversations, but I do need to converse more. Get the endlessness of my situation?

However realistically, humans indeed are cruel creatures. We eat everything; even each other (literally figuratively).

Back to the problem, the difficulty to distinguish the 2 above situation earlier makes it harder to come up with a response in defense of myself (face it, who would wanna be looked as a wimp?).

Oh well, our parents would've told us to "ignore them" on the basis that "if you do not have anything nice to say,then don't say anything". Admittedly there is some truth to these ideas but these truths are widely rejected amongst youths today. They're just gonna keep coming at you.

Guess all that is left is just to keep away from those who hurt you.

Fuck humanity.

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