Friday, April 4, 2014

Things I Would Say If My Parents Asked Anything About My Personal Life

1) "I don't know what are you talking about"

2) "Why do you expect me to share when almost everything I used to tell you received hostile responses?"

3) "Live with these facts, I'm not a drug addict, I don't smoke, I'm still a virgin, I'm a typical lazy youth, my studies are fine and I won't go deeper than that. (smiles)"

4) "Why am I not sharing? Gee, I don't know Mum, that's what happens when you get sent to hostels since you're 13 years old"

5) "It's for me to deal with, and for you to not find out (kisses Mum and leave the table)"

6) "(point behind them and make a shocked face) LOOK! MILEY CYRUS!!! (runs away)"

7) "No thank you, it will definitely lead you to say that everything is my fault and I should do this, do that, blablabla"

8) "No thank you, I will not let you use what I share against me to prove your points or make me feel bad in arguments"

9) "No thank you, I wish not to add gossip materials in your conversations with aunts"

10) "There is a line drawn between my life outside and inside of the house"

11) "According to a Venn diagram of my personal life and family life, they do not intersect. So I wish to not share."

12) A more diplomatic response - "I love you Mum, but I'm sorry, this is something that I cannot share"

13) And finally.... "I don't trust you with my secrets"

I love my parents but I believe that my problems should be dealt alone. Responses of conservative minds regarding the mischief in my personal life is too overwhelming and unnecessary. Last thing I want is my parents judging me.

P.S. Noone has an "open book life". You won't show the quotes of dirty bits you enjoy in a book to your parents or friends right?

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