Saturday, December 24, 2011

Those Singapore Holiday Days : Day 4

Good morning Singapore and the only respond I got is just the buzz of the news on TV and the pelts of heavy rain against the windows. By that, signaling the ‘no jalan-jalan’ sign. I hate the rainy season. I mean it is okay if the rainy season is experienced while I am at my ex highschool MJSC Kuantan because it gives me a reason to sleep everything off during heavy downpours ESPECIALLY the evenings despite the upcoming SPM exams, oh how nostalgic that feeling was.

But let us move on to the present shall we? So now our plans planned last night was ruined, RUINED! You see, in Singapore, everything is achieved with the public transports, so there needs to be a lot of walking and waiting.

So now given that I got nothing to do, let us recap on the events that occurred in the previous days.

Among the highlights of this holiday them is obviously the trip to Universal Studios Singapore. Well among the memories there apart the really good food (Chilli Fries and humongous Friar Special Kebabs) is of course the double Battlestar Galactica roller coasters, I still remember the saliva practically flying out of my mouth as the coaster went towards a barrel roll then a double loop to a sharp turn, all that whilst hanging meters from the ground.

The 4 hour excursion to the 6 malls around the hotels was very enlightening. Well it made me realize that the shopping experience in Malaysia is still at an infant stage in compared to the amenities and brands on display in the malls. I mean, even in the most basic malls(The Bugis Junction) have a Topman boutique, Gap and Bossini. Not to forget, the open shopping area had only top brands on sale. And although the clothings are obviously pricey, you get really good designs and quality clothing. You see, the Topmans in Malaysia only have killer price tags an them but the designs and colors are simply put, SHIT. But here, loads of attractive special edition clothings and beautiful products for the fashionistas and shopaholics. Even the Cotton On boutiques had a much more vast selection of clothings from various colors to choose from. And for the first time, I aid my eyes on the REAL special edition Converse shoes with all the leather skin and zips(hardcore much!), I mean, when do you see shoes with leather shoelaces!? Shoes with clear plastic soles? Or maybe skull studs? No? yeah the Cons(shortform for Converse) here have them. Also not to mention the wide selections available which you may say identical to Converse boutiques in Malaysia, but let me tell you, In Malaysia, you DO get wide selection but most of them are rubbish as the designs are too simple and clich├ęd. Unlike the Cons here that all are updated with the latest designs and colors worthy of their price(they are not cheap, but very quality footwear).

Maybe another highlight is the Zam Zam mamak eatery. The 100 year restaurant offers the best ‘murtabak’ in town. And just like t-shirts, they have sizes for the various body sizes of people(S,M and L). And the ‘S’ size as you know are like 2 Malaysian ‘muratabaks’(WTH!).

Well it is now 9.40a.m and I’m bored. So bye, I’m going to sleep. Adios

I’m back typing this post on Microsoft Word, the flight has been delayed to 7.00 p.m and now is 5.55 p.m on the dot which is bad because laptops have things called batteries and they don’t last long enough for you to babble everything in a blog post so yeah, I hate you Air Asia, period! (XD)

Well exactly after the ‘adios’ above, the rain suddenly subsided for a mere 15 minutes which we took the opportunity to walk to the nearby toy museum. About the trip there, I think no one likes museum so I’m just going to summarize on it, just to share fragments of it, enough to give a vivid visual of the place. The Mint Toy Museum is actually a 5 storey shop lot converted to a restaurant cum bar at the ground floor and lower ground and a museum in the 1-5th floors. Toys on display ae actually from the ‘Tuk Kaduk’ era where TV’s still don’t have color and High Definition Is merely just a dream. From miniature Mickey Mouse dolls to towering life size Darth Maul figure, they got a compendium of toys from all over the world. And trust me, each toy I believe that was on display there can cost as much as 25’000 Singapore Dollars. Time had made it from useless knick knacks and toys to coveted collectors items.

And again we had a stop at the Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant(check the post at Day 1 if u want to know more) for a lunch. We learned from our mistakes and this time ordered 2 large murtabaks(deer and chicken). Well the deer(actually deer meat is called venison) tasted like chunks of McD’s cheeseburger meat, only a much more fresher taste and if you already followed this post from day 1 or you had tried this Mamak Restaurant before, you would know how large and tasty it is.

Later we did our prayers at the nearby Sultan Mosque and took a detour to the Bugis Junction to kill time since we had checked out from the hotel. Mum said she was tired walking so we went for desert at Swensens at the ground floor. Hey at first I thought it would be very expensive and pricey but again, looks can be very deceiving. I had a sundae which comprised of 2 scoops of Oreo ice cream and a scoop of Butterscotch with toppings of Swensens Choco balls,wafer and Choc syrup. And it costed $8.90 which I believe is expensive if converted to Ringgits but from a perspective of a Singaporean, much more cheaper than the average Baskin Robin 3 scooper with no topping.

And then after the cab ride and checking out, here I am at the waiting hall finishing the last sentences of this post. So that’s the end of my holiday days from across the strait, may more sweet memories like this come by again in my life and lastly, so long. That’s all from me,adios.

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