Friday, December 16, 2011

Those Singapore Holiday Days : Day 1

I think the travel part oh this holiday is quite normal so guess ill keep it short to quickly get to the juicy parts. A flight at 8.30 a.m to Changi International Airport. Took a cab to Park View Hotel and checked in. blahblahblah and we rolled out 5 minutes right after we set our bags in the hotel room.

The visit to the Zam Zam Murtabak that morning right before Jumaat prayers there was sure sweet. Mutton ‘murtabak’ was my choice followed by chicken ones by Mum and Dad and a beef ‘murtabak’ by Adik. And since all of us already had our very early lunch at the airport earlier, we told the ‘mamak’ to just give us the small choice.

Well when the orders arrived, well we finally found what was the definition for ‘small’ was. The ‘murtabak ‘s’ ‘S’ size was an ‘XXL’ murtabak loaded with fatty goodness. But despite all my criticism on the size, I’d like to stress that it really was a near perfect murtabak(really not anything I’ve ever tasted). The mutton filling was stir fried first AND THEN enveloped in a crispy coating of ‘roti canai’ and eggs. And the huge portions they come in means that it really was worth the hefty price of $6.00. and even the chicken murtabak use REAL shredded chickens! Unlike the ground chicken filling and the overload of eggs they use in Malaysia. And later I learned they used olive oil in their murtabak. WOW, Healthy much?

On that evening, I slipped on my running shoes and decided to explore the chain of malls behind the hotel we were staying in. Yes, not ‘chains of shops’, it is ‘chains of malls’!

The Bugis Junction is a strip mall along Bugis Road and is connected with the Intercontinental Strip which is connected to the ILUMA(a newly built mall) and a much more humbler shopping strip surprisingly having a resemblance to Petaling Street(only cleaner).

So when the topic about malls are touched, there must be shopping involved right? Well, me being more keen on shopping on clothings have roamed the malls stated above! And to my surprise, the summary about the prices in 2 words is just this, ‘Mahal Gila!’.

But then of course, the brands that were displayed are just not any brands. Topshop and Topman with all its modern limited edition clothing, Converse boutiques with its new leather collector sneakers, and even brands from where the heck I didn’t even knew about. And a surprising fact, the rate of me stumbling upon a Giordano boutique here is equals to stumbling to a Bata shop in Malaysia. Summarized, shopping really is taken to whole new level here.

And a whole other myriads of clothing boutiques with such names that i didn’t have any time to memorize(just sooo much to see but so little time, plus it was raining).

So here i am, typing this thing on the bed before going to sleep, gnite Nono <3

Well that’s for today..promise ill update for day 2,3 and 4 sooner or later..g’bye y’all

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