Sunday, December 18, 2011

Those Singapore Holiday Days : Day 3

tThe third day here was also exhausting yet exhilarating as the previous 2 days. With us again going to Sentosa Island in the morning and spent time there till the evening which activities would be elaborated below.

Underwater World Singapore was our first stop as we alighted from the cable car. At first sight I thought that it’s a turndown because of the lack of the size of the facility. But then looks could be deceiving as I later found out that it really was identical to Aquaria KLCC. But then it had better services and a friendlier environment than its Kuala Lumpur counterpart. At its lobby there are 3 open tanks for touching and feeding. One for small fishes, big stingrays and another for sharks (small ones obviously).

Again, Adik was a scaredy cat to touch even the gentle saltwater catfishes. Oh, I touched stingrays and found out they’re very slimy and cute in a way! Although the 1.3 metre long tail and spine kind of worries me, but aside that, it was enjoyable to give them a stroke and feed them. Oh and the they didn’t let people dip their hands in the shark tanks even when their tanks are OPENED! But then I knew, those were only for feeding purposes, and they fed the sharks using long clamps.

The dolphin show we attended briefly after we arrived was okay. I mean the dolphins are skilled and the sea lions are cute. Plus the show was conducted very smoothly. But the reason I rated it as ‘okay’ is just because of the fact that they are actually using tha animals to gain profit. I mean, I know they care and feed for the dolphins and sea lions but hey, They are is proof how manipulative the human race can be. I mean, rather than teaching dolphins to clap and jump, we should be working towards their well being. Only loud words and cheesy ads about saving wildlife but just procrastinating on working towards it is just, sorry to say, a fistful of assholes and bullshit.

Even the sheer numbers of visitors packing the place like a tin of sardines also concerns me. By that I mean don’t the fishes get stressed? They’re very delicate creatures. Well, but what can I do anyway?(sigh). I just pray they’re in good caring hands. So yeah, Underwater World was not really joyful for me because of the fact there are tanks and ponds holding them instead of the big blue ocean.

Enough of the emotional expression (LOL), we then walked to the beach just across the road. Very surprisingly, the beach is connected to the country’s main harbor, yet the water is far greener and clearer than waters at Kuantan and Langkawi! The emerald green water and presence of Sargasso seaweeds are proof that the pollution level is still low. Because the beaches I knew in Malaysia which had undergone a very much less process of modernization in compared to Singapore had very tainted beaches with the trash and murky ‘teh tarik’ or unhealthy olive green coloured water, for example, Pantai Morib ,Port Dickson, or Port Klang. So shortly said, WTH!

After that, Mum suggested we go for a try at the CineBlast. Got to shoot while rodeo-riding at the Desperados, rode a lame roller coaster 4D ride at Log Blast Expedition, and enjoyed an ‘okay’ Pirate 4D movie. Well what can I say? I’m really not into 4D and 3D(being short sighted makes it hard to wear the 3D glasses with your eyeglasses on.

But the lunch we had at the Banquet food court in Vivo City was really sweet! The food was fantsticaliciously marvelous. Me and Adik bought the Cockle Fried Koay Teow which I can tell you is a must try dish here, and Mum bought mixed Tom Yam Bihun. Well the Bihun Tom Yam Bihun sounds ordinary but trust me, it’s among the most quality Tom Yam we’ve ever tasted, yes, everyone in our family tried the Tom Yam and everyone complimented the same thing. So this proves a hipothesis, the food in Singapore is quite pricey and that’s a fact, but they come in LARGE portions and HIGH quality. So why grumble? It’s worth the money because it’s good food!

Well tonight, I’m not doing anything. Actually I planned to go for a trip to Orchard Road for a visit at the malls there. But then a downpour started and until now, no signs of it going away. So yeah, I’m just going to spend my night in front of this laptop while chatting with friends and her. And that’s just it for tonight. Adios

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