Saturday, December 17, 2011

Those Singapore Holiday Days : Day 2

as i set aside my soaked clothes and stretch out my legs. And buried my body under the covers after prayers for a quick siesta.

If the tapes are rewinded and played again from the start of the day, minus the waking up and all the nonsense about the breakfast and bath time. My family took a bus to a mall nearby Sentosa Island which from there we took a monorail to the island. Oh yeah i tasted the Fanta Peach fizzy drink and damn it was good!(I prefer anything peach or guava flavoured).

And since noone ever talked to me about the rides there nor i had ever heard about experiences on the rides there, might as well talk about it here. So it started when Adik and i got to the Far Far Away part of the Universal Studios, the first coaster we got on was the small dragon coaster. And that is Rated 35 over 100 for my Adrenaline list.

Next is then indoor Mummy coaster in the Ancient Egypt part. well they used real flames, so i was quite impressed, and it was also the first time i experienced a backward moving coaster and that rotated!(IMPRESSED!). Well for that, it scored a meager 67 over 100.

In the Jurassic Park area, the Canopy Ride was kind of a bummer, expected curves, and low speed with a lack of track length. And it barely gave Adik a shake eventhough he’s such a scaredy cat(actually he’s got a phobia with height or plain ‘gayat’). Summary for it is a 16 over 100.

Okay now these coasters impress me, but they’re kind of contenders because they’re side by side(creative idea). Yes, the Battlestar Galactica themed coaster, High velocity, belly-churning, tummy-wobbling coaster. There are 2 sides, one are Human and the other Cylon. For Human, the tracks are red while Cylons are blue. And the coaster for Human is a carriage type coaster and the other is a hanging coaster. So obviously, the Cylon wins. And they also score a high point which is 79 for Human and 84 for Cylon. Why?well the fact that it’s hanging makes it more scarier. Plus, the loops are really scary and up to a point, i really felt like everything was about to spill out from me.

That night, Mum took us out for shopping(she wanted to exercise actually). And Adik said Levi’s had a sale(the pants had prices of 39.90$ OMG!!!). So we went, dressed in tracks, selipar jepun and cardie plus shirt, we walked, seriously there are half a dozen malls around 100 metres radius from our hotel and does not include Orchard Road. So we checked out and below are the details.

So get out your calculators and count with me. a S’pore dollar is 2.1 to 2.4 ish if converted to RM. And the brand Denizen by Levi’s had an offer for 2 pants for 99$ and a third one for 20$. so guess what, u end up spending 119$ for 3 pants, which is equals to RM240-RM270. So they are standard prices for less branded jeans in Malaysia(‘untung’ right?)and Adik bought 2 jeans for 99$ and i used the 20$ for a third pant, a Chinoz Cut Brown Khaki. And did a stopover at Levi’s to grab also a Denizen by Levi’s jeans for 29.90$. So whch means i spent 50$ for 2 jeans, which meant i spent RM120-RM140 for 2 jeans(MORE ‘UNTUNG’!). And by the way, sorry Shaf, couldn;tt get you a jeans, I got no allowance.

And now, goodnight world. I think i’ll update more and more elaborations in other posts. Okay? Adios!

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