Saturday, September 13, 2014


I write this because I am trying to find myself through my mind.
My mind is a room that belongs to a lazy, fat, stoned, semi gamer and full time procrastinator college kid.

And my imaginary being is in that room; taking the form of an ant. An ant that is trying to weave through what is a labyrinth even for a human million times his size.

I don't know myself anymore. Once upon a time, I was too eager to find myself. So I myself on a quest to find the "missing" parts of me. I set out with eagerness and high hopes but I was unprepared. I was ignorant. I was too naive. I was just a pig trying to fly but ending up being a muddy mess who thought his spoinky tail was wings and his snout was a mighty hawk's beak.

The pig is not a hawk. Nay, he is not even a pig anymore. He is a fool

Turns out the parts of  me weren't missing. I just didn't accept myself. The missing puzzles that I fanatically searched for were merely stuck to my fat back from me sleeping too much.

No climax. No one claps. I will retreat back to my sty. Only to find that I couldn't call it home anymore. I am now lost. Cursed to lie in the mud.

Well, I will turn to mud anyway. What was the word for a certain fate again? Oh yeah. Inevitable.

At least I have Anis Mojgani and his poems.

I am tired of writing, Still haven't found why I am in the mud.

I'll make mud angels then.

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