Friday, August 1, 2014

To Step Into The Cave

This is the plight of the seemingly happy kid who seems to have everything but lost everything. This is the plight of the ambivert who shuts the world out because it drains him. This is the plight of the little girl who chose to become Rapunzel because her stepmother was right - the world is filled with rotten hearts.

To those who found the heart to care, follow the signs to find these people. Find their eyes beneath the cracks of long hair, peek within the windows of their souls, through the fortification of silence - built to shield themselves from the barrage of discrimination.

Listen to the voice coming from within that is begging you to step into their worn out shoes; to look through the lens of their crooked glasses, and to see the world in their taste.

Perhaps they'll pry open your third eye and show you that this is a world where superficiality is an accepted mentality, where exploitation is a denied yet real motivation, and where being street-smart means being able to be the meanest to the weakest.

Beneath the awkward silence may be an orchestra of ponderings. Isn't that true my friend?

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